The 1000 Miglia Road Race Came To Town

1000 Miglia Road Race
Debonair Drivers

The 1000 Miglia road race came to town. To be precise the next little town next to us, about ten minutes down the road. Moiano is quite a sleepy little place and after a long time with little excitement thanks to COVID we were chuffed the race was passing so close to where we live. Barnet Boy had visited Radicofani in Tuscany in 2019 which was the closest the race came to us that year. But this year, it was right on our doorstep!

1000 Miglia road race
1000 Miglia Entering Radicofani in Tuscany

1000 Miglia Road Race

What is the 1000 Miglia road race?

Originally, the Mille Miglia (1000 miles) was an open road endurance race  that was established in 1927. The race was held annually 27 times, with interruptions during World War II. For four years, 1953-1957 it was also a round in the Word Sports Car Championship.

Since 1977 the Mille Miglia, known as the 1000 Miglia, has operated as a ‘time speed distance’ rally for classic and vintage cars produced no later than 1957.

Where is Moiano?

Moiano is in the Comune of Citta dell Pieve in the Provincia of Perugia in Umbria, Italy. The 1000 Miglia passed through Moiano with no stops (apart from the odd traffic jam),

Our Experience

A Celebration of Ferraris

1000 Miglia road race
Racing Ferraris

Prior to the actual classic cars passing through the town, there was a celebration of Ferraris. From our house we could hear the throaty roar of these incredibly powerful cars as they sped along the road below us. As we arrived and took up our place under a shady tree, Ferraris were still nipping along the main road through the town.

These sports cars whizzed through at high speed, weaving through traffic and avoiding pedestrians with everyone screaming because any moment it looked like there could be an accident. The road wasn’t closed and there were no traffic police so it was noisy, chaotic, a bit scary.

A Nightmare For Photography

1000 miglia road race
Classic Cars Coming to Town

We had chosen to stand at a traffic junction thinking the participating cars would have to slow down. We did know they wouldn’t be stopping so there would not be a lot of chance to add to my classic car collection of images. However, we hadn’t allowed for the fact that they would be mixing with ordinary traffic and basically ignoring the speed limit. Once the classic cars started appearing, they too whisked through the town at speed.

1000 Miglia Road Race
Debonair Drivers

We Had Fun!

It was great fun and we stayed for about two hours. There were a lot of ‘holding breath’ moments. Like when an old lady reversed her car very slowly out from in front of the butcher shop and straight into the path of Ferraris racing down the road. Or when two children clutching a loaf of bread between them tried to cross the road. Not to mention when a delivery driver drove down a one way street, realised his mistake and reversed back out into traffic.

There were still more cars to come when we left. As we ate our lunch on our balcony at home we could still hear cars whizzing along the bottom road.

I have just finished working on the few car images I did manage to capture and they are being uploaded to my classic car collections on both my Pictorem and RedBubble stores.

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Mid-week Reflections
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