Abstracted Cats and Kittens Gift Ideas

cats and kittens gift ideas
Three Best Furry Friends

Some new artwork for cats and kittens gift ideas together with some observations on cat behavior. Cute mother cats and kittens produced in a abstracted style which look great on home decor and personal items. They make perfect gifts.

Cats and Kittens Gift Ideas

Regular readers will know I have a lot of cats and have rescued many over my lifetime. This means I have a large collection of photographs of cats and cats with kittens. I thought it would be fun to play with some of them and come up with a new look for a small series of cats and kittens gift ideas. Just four designs in the collection but they are rather fun.

Mother Cats and Kittens

There are two designs with mother cats and kittens, both featuring two moms together with their babies.

Kitten Creche

Cats and kittens gift ideas
Mother Cats with Kittens

I have always been fascinated with how my feral troop cared for their kittens.

We don’t have so many now as they have been gradually spayed and neutered over the years but at one stage there were several mother cats with kittens at the same time. This is the first in my new collection of cats and kittens gift ideas.

Mother Cats with Kittens

In this image ‘Mother Cats with Kittens’ we see two females snuggled together very contentedly with their little troop of kittens, you can see two clearly.

This shows something interesting. Once the kittens reach a few weeks old some of the moms put them together in a kitten nursery.

Cats and Kittens Gift Ideas
Two Cats With White Kitten

This is usually a mother and grown up daughter arrangement, two sisters or two female cats that are best buddies. If you think about it, it makes sense. The kittens are vulnerable and there are times when the mother cat has to leave them, to go find food for herself etc. Having two (or more!) cat mothers pooling the childcare means the kittens always have someone with them.

Two Cats With White Kitten

In this next image (available on lots of products, not just throw pillows) we see two cats with one kitten (the others were out of the shot). The ginger and white cat was called Duchess and the black and white cat was called Pinocchio. Duchess is starting at the camera, Pinny is feeding a little white kitten.

The big downside to the idea of a kitten creche is the ease of spread of parasites or disease but that is a human perspective, the mothers don’t think like that.

Two Peeking Kittens

Cats and Kittens gift ideas
Peeking Out Kittens

There aren’t many times when a kitten isn’t cute.

Okay, I remember when Stevie Mouse was six weeks old and she ran across the sofa and straight across Barnet Boy’s plate of salad. It took ages to find all the lettuce down the side of the sofa and get the olive oil marks out of the fabric. And she walked around the living room shaking a back paw that had a bit of lettuce stuck to it.

Although I couldn’t stop laughing BB didn’t think it was particularly cute.

Generally, kittens are cute. Like this image I have called ‘Peeking Out Kittens‘ shown here on a tote bag (other products are available).

As you can see, one of the little tabby kittens is fast asleep, the other one is staring at the camera – she has a cute little orange streak on her forehead.

Three Cat Buddies

cats and kittens gift ideas
Three Best Furry Friends

Like people, cats make friends. In this image, we see three cats who are best friends. Here it is shown on a scarf but it is also available on other products. All females, these cats go everywhere together. The image shows a ginger and white, a black and white and a calico cat.

My cats form little troops that hunt together, play together and even sunbathe together.

This year’s kittens (written about in many previous blogs including ‘Where Do Kittens Come From‘) have divided up into groups. Treacle, Rabby and Rolly tend to go around together with their Uncle Lupino. The two girls, Sandy and Ella, tend to be with their Uncle Tippy.

Cat Art Images

Check out my cat art images at my Art Heroes (Europe), Pictorem (USA and Canada) and RedBubble (worldwide) stores.

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