Architectural and Beautiful Lenten Rose

beautiful Lenten Rose
White Lenten Rose - prints available

A quick look at a recent series of images I have created featuring beautiful Lenten Rose.

beautiful Lenten Rose
Hellebore Collage – each element also available as an individual print

What Are Lenten Rose?

Well they are not roses. They are actually helleborus orientalis, or hellebore. They are a perennial flowering plant actually in the buttercup family. Just to confuse you completely, the variety helleborus niger is also known as the ‘Christmas Rose’. They flower in the depths of winter and during Lent, hence their common name.

My Mum has Lenten Rose in her garden and they are really lovely plants to look at, they grow in the shady areas and really provide a patch of interest in the winter garden. Architectural plants with wonderful contrasts between the flowers and the leaves, they really grab your attention. Well they caught mine for sure! I have talked before about my love for Iris but these hellebore are equally stunning.

beautiful Lenten Rose
White Lenten Rose – prints available

The Plants Are Poisonous

I don’t grow Lenten Rose in my own garden as they are poisonous. Now I have a lot of other plants, some native on the land here in Central Italy, that are also poisonous. But my animals have enough natural sense not to touch them. However, I don’t particularly want to grow a plant in my garden that I know to be poisonous. So I have to make do with working with photographs of these beautiful plants.

My New Lenten Rose Collection

I have been happily seduced by the various colors and varieties of the Lenten Rose as can be seen from my new collection of images.  My store at RedBubble is home to these images as part of one of my floral collections. Prints are available in sizes and formats to suit all pockets. Some are available on scatter cushions/throw pillows and other gift items. They make a great gift for a gardener and are perfect for Mother’s Day if your Mum is a gardener like mine! Then they can enjoy these beautiful plants all year round.

I have really enjoyed working with these images, mainly focusing on the shapes of the blooms. They really are so diverse and in a range of color shades.

I’ll leave you with an image from my Mum’s lovely garden – Lenten Rose and tulips!

beautiful Lenten Rose
Spring Delight – prints available

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