Bicycles As Art Objects

The Bicycle and the West Pier

I can’t ride a bicycle. Hence my tongue in cheek participation in a recent Twitter trend #ThingsWeWillProbablyNeverHear. My contribution was: ‘Dorothy rode a bicycle’. I can’t ride them, but I can appreciate their beauty and they feature in my work quite regularly. I love building stories around them with my images.

Bicycles As Art

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving,” Albert Einstein.

There may be some truth in what Einstein says and it may explain why I always fell off when I tried to ride a bike. But do you know, for me at least, the attractiveness of a bicycle as an artistic item is when it is not being ridden.

The Colourful Bicycle

The Coloured Bicycle

This stunning bicycle was just asking to be photographed.

Actually, I had walked passed it. It was only when I turned back to check I hadn’t missed anything that I saw it. Just to reinforce the point I made in earlier blog (In Search of the Hidden View) about looking all around so you don’t miss anything!

The bicycle was hastily tied up outside a building in Hove, UK; very loosely tied to the black metal railings. The impression was that the rider had popped indoors for something and would be back shortly. The attractiveness of this particular bike is the beautiful colours. If I ever own a bicycle (unlikely, I refer the reader to my opening paragraph) it will be like this one.

The Shadow of a Bicycle

Me And My Shadow

What is so attractive about this image, taken in Tavernelle, Umbria in Italy, was the shadow of the bicycle.

This is quite a cute bicycle, with a pannier at the back. Indeed the owner of the bicycle has parked it in the bike rack outside a supermarket. Before long the pannier will be filled with her groceries.

On a bright morning, the sun is low in the sky and casts a fabulous shadow of the bicycle on the ground. It is the shadow that makes this shot.

You will notice a theme of parked bicycles. It is as much how they have been left as the bike itself that makes the image work as an artistic piece.

Suspended in Brighton

The Bicycle and the West Pier

I love the way this bicycle is left suspended in mid air, hanging from the Victorian railings on the seafront promenade at Brighton in East Sussex, UK.

The red of the bicycle frame is particularly pleasing against the blue of the Victorian railings on which it has been padlocked. Note there is a slight shadow below the bike. But what really makes this shot is the ruins of the West Pier to the rear of the image, a wonderful juxtaposition of decay with a bright, shiny, new toy.

But where has the rider gone? To one of the beach bars or for a swim in the sea?

The Promenade Brighton Seafront

Bicycle At the Seaside

There appears to be a theme of leaving bicycles attached to the Victorian railings on the seafront in Brighton. In this image, we see a beautiful summer day has brought out people to walk along the promenade. Some are sitting on a bench looking out to sea. In the background is the i360 viewing tower a popular tourist attraction. I have a YouTube video of my recent flight on the i360. And then in the foreground is a bicycle padlocked to the railings. The sun casts a shadow of the bicycle and railings on the sidewalk.

Where is the rider of the bicycle? Is he or she on the viewing tower looking down on the bicycle and the beach area? Is he or she down on the beach or taking a swim? Or sitting on the bench? What do you think?

Bicycles Blending in with the Scenery

Bicycles at Ferry Port with Lake Sculpture

The last image I have selected is of a couple of bicycles left at the ferry dock in Passigano sul Trasimeno in Umbria, Italy.

This is a very scenic area. Lago Trasimeno has three islands and it is possible to take a ferry ride to the islands or across to Castiglione del Lago on the far side of the lake.

The bicycles have been left almost casually, not obviously secured. Where are the riders? Have they gone to buy tickets for the ferry or to check timings? Have they left their bikes and gone on a ferry ride?

Again, you can build a little story around the way the bicycles have been left. And in the background, sticking out of the lake is a lake sculpture in memory of pilots testing aircraft. A nice homage to the concept of transport.

As you can see, bicycles can be beautiful!

All of the images in my blog today are available to purchase as fine art prints in a variety of sizes and formats. Click on the image to be taken to the purchase page with more information. You might also like to look at my collection of bicycle images at my main art porftolio.

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