Bloglovin’ and Other Blog Promotion for Creatives

Today I am reflecting on opportunities for blog promotion including my new venture into Bloglovin’. As an artist, I am still finding my way with some of these things. I am a novice at some of the opportunities and have become more expert in others. So much to learn and I have only touched the tip of the iceberg.

Bloglovin’ and Other Blog Promotion

Why Promote A Blog?

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People have to know your blog exists before they will read it! And like anything else, my latest art piece, for example, it has to be put in front of a potential audience.

Some of my art blogs take a lot of research and can take hours to write. Some not so much. I take a lot of care to include relevant artwork, videos etc to illustrate the blog and make it a positive experience for the reader.

But blogging does not end at publishing the blog, there is a raft of marketing activities that take place post-publishing. Otherwise, if no-one is going to read it why bother writing it in the first place?

Establishing A Blog Marketing Plan

In an earlier blog I talked about developing an art marketing plan. Your blog, in my case my art blog, needs to be part of that marketing plan and that includes all possible outlets. Below are some examples of those outlets.

Linking Your Blog to Other Sites

I have several places where my blog is automatically shared with an audience through another platform. This includes my Amazon author page and, more recently, Bloglovin’.

Amazon Author Page

I am Stevie Mouse book cover

If you are an author that sells through Amazon, as I am,  then you can set up an author page. This allows you to link your blog so that the latest blog appears there as soon as you press the publish button. Effortless marketing, just takes a few minutes to set up and you are on your way. Here is my Amazon Author Page so you can see how the blogs are shown.


I am new to Bloglovin’ so am still learning. It was really straightforward to set up an account. It is a blog sharing platform that you can link your blog to, just by putting some code into your blog site. As well as linking your blog so it publishes there automatically, you can also follow other bloggers. Here is where my blog goes on Bloglovin’, I was totally perplexed to find that some of my header images did not appear on Bloglovin. In the end I had to upload a new WordPress PlugIn to make sure my header image appeared in my blogs.

Bloglovin’ also gives you the facility to have a ‘follow’ badge on your blog (which you will see in the side bar of this one and also in the links at the bottom).

Social Media Promotion

Blog advertisement for Instagram

Remember to share your blog on all your social media outlets. The ideas I would suggest to get started include:

  • Ensure you promote your blog on all Social Media sites where you have accounts. I create special pictures for my blog to share on Instagram (where you can’t have a clickable link).
  • Look out for special hashtags that give you a chance for wider promotion. For example, on Twitter there are #MondayBlogs and #SundayBlogs that will sometimes pick up your blog and share it with their followers.
  • There are a number of blog share groups that you can join on Facebook. Just remember to read the rules and follow them when posting. Just type blog share in the search on Facebook and see what comes up.
  • There are blog group boards on Pinterest that you can apply to join and are a great way of getting your blog seen.

Blog Hops and Link Parties

Also known as ‘Linkys’ this is an area I am exploring at the moment. Finding parties is the easy bit, ones appropriate for my niche, which is art for home/interior decor are not so easy (do comment on the blog if you can make recommendations for Linkys I can join). Link Parties allow you to share your work with other bloggers and also discover what other bloggers are writing about. Usually these take place on a particular day of the week and you visit the hosting page on the day and get an invitation to join. But again there are rules to be followed and it is important to read them and join in fully with the group. You can read more about Link Parties here.

International Bloggers Association

Advert for Short Story Featured in Blog

You can become a paid member of the International Bloggers Association. It is a place to get blogging tips and join a community of bloggers, some of whom are involved in co-promotion through a share group. There is a Tailwind Tribe and Pinterest share groups among other things.

IBA provide useful information and links into such things as blog parties but also provide a great deal of information on monetizing your blog, working with influencers etc. As I don’t monetize my blog this has less interest for me but I can see the value to others.

In conclusion, writing your creative blog is just the start, there are plenty of opportunities to get it seen but it takes work. I am sure there are many other ways to promote your blog than I have mentioned here, please add your ideas in comments and share your experiences.

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