Buy My Art Online At OhMyPrints

A beautiful floral courtyard
Floral Courtyard Cortona Tuscany

You can now buy my art online at OhMyPrints. Based in Europe, this store offers free or reduced shipping across Europe. Read on and find out more.

Buy My Art Online At OhMyPrints

Why Another Outlet?

For some time I have been looking out for a European storefront that sells high quality prints. I have been offering my art for sale as high quality prints at Pictorem for my USA/Canada customers (with free shipping) and wanted to find something similar. My RedBubble store offers a range of products with world-wide delivery, but it doesn’t begin to promote itself as producing high end prints. So I was delighted to come across OhMyPrints which gives me exactly what I was looking for. High quality prints for my European customers with free or reduced shipping.

What Is OhMyPrints?

buy my art online at OhMyPrints
OhMyPrints Logo

OhMyPrints is an award winning online marketplace for artists and photographers. There are actually several versions of the store in three languages, German, French and Dutch (Werk aan de Muur). Google Translate is your friend if you don’t speak these languages.

The site is easy to use and they work on the principal that a blank wall is a missed opportunity – and I have to say I agree with them! You can browse my collection galleries and save your favourites on a wish list to come back to later. With the OhMyPrints App you can view the picture you like virtually on your own wall.

OhMyPrints print all images on poster, canvas, floating framed canvas prints, aluminum Dibond, acrylic glass pictures, photo wallpaper, Xpozer, art frame and framed poster.  Find out more about products here. There are a large choice of sizes. The total production and delivery time depends on the chosen material and finish, anywhere between 7-14 days, perhaps slightly longer at busy times of the year.

Free Or Reduced Delivery in Europe

This is where OhMyPrints really adds value to customers. There is free delivery for all products within Germany. Shipping to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Belgium is also free. Low shipping costs apply for deliveries to Switzerland, other EU countries. Shipping to non-EU countries is not extortionate either. Don’t underestimate the saving this makes when ordering a quality print!

A screenshot showing the top of Dorothy Berry-Lound's art store on OhMyPrints
A screenshot showing the top of my storefront on OhMyPrints

My Collection on OhMyPrints

So what do I have available to buy on OhMyPrints? Well, at time of writing, there are some 500 images all split into various named galleries. Here is a brief introduction to each gallery, presented in the order they appear in my store. Click on any image to be taken to that gallery of images.


Nuts, Bolts, Cogs and Wheels
The Inner Workings

I love unusual things and get excited by engine parts, unusual combinations of objects, not to mention the interplay of light and shade. So this collection lets me explore those things. Look out for grungey engines, unusual angles, some dreadful puns (like ‘Fern Elise’), musical instruments, collages and more.


woodland with olive trees
Take A Seat

You will not be surprised to learn that I have lots of images involving olive trees as I am surrounded with them where I live here in Central Italy. This gallery also includes fruit and nut trees, willow trees, autumn color, unusual views through trees and much more.

Classic Cars and Motorcycles

A glance through a drivers window of classic Lancia 2000
Lancia 2000 Through The Window

A range of cars and motorcycles including Italian Vespas and Lambrettas, and a view through the driver’s window of some sporty classics.

Floral and Foliage

A beautiful purple floral
Clematis Azure Pearl

Photographs and photo art pieces of flowers, plants and gardens including some of my best selling floral artwork.

Abstracts and Concept Art

an abstract painting
Cosmic Hammer Smash

A collection of original abstract paintings and digital creations. A variety of techniques, colors and effects with a real pop of color for your wall.

Madeira in Portugal

An exotic garden scene with a red pagoda
Oriental Gardens Madeira

Images of Madeira in Portugal, landscapes, botanical gardens and orchids.

Copenhagen in Denmark

A study in light and shade with buildings in Copenhagen
Light And Shade

Images of Copehagen in Denmark, historic buildings and landmarks, Christmas markets, cafes and Danish culture.

Exotic Lands

An image featuring sarmurai armour
Memories of Samurai 1

Images from various exotic places including Bali, Lombok and Hong Kong. Images of hookah pipes, Japanese parasols, Chinese musicians and my ‘Memories Of Samurai’ series.


A face with eyes closed in meditation
Mind in Meditation

A range of spiritual images, some photo art, some paintings. Subjects include Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, New Age. Just go with the flow!

Marrakesh in Morocco

One of my best selling images
Cubist Villa Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh

Images from Marrakesh in Morocco, including some of my best sellers. The souk, culture, botanical garden and much more as I attempt to get across the assault on the senses that is this part of North Africa.


A cute cat looks through a door
Looking From The Other Side

Creatures of all descriptions, cats, dogs, horses, goats, cows, pigs birds and even a praying mantis! There are also a few inanimate creatures, a fairground horse and some teddy bears. But of course Ms Stevie Mouse also features.


A view of Butler's Wharf on the River Thames
Butler’s Wharf London

Images from the land of my birth, England. These include scenes from Brighton and other towns on the South Coast such as Eastbourne, Lewes and Arundel, as well as London and Sheffield.

Tuscany in Italy

A beautiful floral courtyard
Floral Courtyard Cortona Tuscany

Beautiful images from towns in Tuscany in Central Italy. Tourist hot spots, Italian architecture, culture, food and lifestyle.

Umbria in Italy

An Umbrian landscape
Cypresses and a Vineyard in Umbria, Italy

Last, but not least, images from the towns and villages, culture and lifestyle of Umbria in Central Italy where I live. Medieval walled towns, beautiful Italian architecture, tourist attractions, food and a touch of la bella vita.

Time To Go Shopping

Are you ready to buy my art online at OhMyPrints? Or to take a look through what I have available for futute reference? Then go to my store here. Take your time and have a browse through what I have available. Remember you can add images you like to a wish list and come back to them later. And do check out the amazing shipping deals!

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Mid-week Reflections
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