Cascading Wisteria Lifts The Spirits

May in Umbria, Italy, and so many wonderful displays of cascading wisteria gracing the traditional architecture. It really lifts the spirits!

Cascading Wisteria

Wisteria Clouds

What is Wisteria

Wisteria is a flowering plant which is part of the legume family. They are climbing plants, they twine their stems around supports. Did you know that the Japanese Wisteria (W. Floribunda) twines clockwise and Chinese Wisteria (W. Sinensis) counterclockwise? These are two of the most popular varieties. Some species of wisteria can climb a long way, up to 20 metres (that’s 66 feet!) and their spread can also reach 10 metres (33ft). You can find more facts about wisteria on Wikipedia.

With their gorgeous racemes of flowers, in shades of white, purple, lilac and pink, cascading wisteria is a wonder to behold. And some have the most wonderful perfume! In their dormant period they have this wonderful woody structure that is attractive in itself, with the promise of the color to arrive in the next flowering season.

Tumbling Wisteria

Seven things To Consider In Planting Wisteria

  1. The first thing to think about is the space wisteria needs to grow given the sizes the plant can reach. It also needs to be rooted into the ground so it is not ideal to be grown in a pot.
  2. If it is pot grown you have to keep it small with regular pruning and regularly feed it. But for me, wisteria look best trained against the front of a house or across a pergola.

    Wisteria Cascade
  3. If you start with a young plant it will need tying in to wires or trellis to get it started.
  4. They need to be pruned regularly, twice a year in summer (after flowering when the leaves have appeared) and winter (during the dormant period). The aim is to encourage the development of short spurs from which the blooms will appear in spring.

    Wisteria Wonder
  5. Growing from cuttings is a long job – it can take anything up to 20 years for a cutting to develop enough to produce a flower! Even when planting an established plant it can take up to five years to get flowers. Patience is a virtue.
  6. The flowers do make a mess when they drop – it is like confetti that covers everything underneath.

    Wisteria And The Fence
  7. The pods seeds that appear after flowering can be toxic to dogs and cats. Though that is also true of other climbers including clematis, boston ivy, morning glory and laburnum.

Relaxing Wisteria On Art Prints

Marble Water Fountain With Wisteria

Not everyone can grow wisteria but everyone can enjoy images of beautiful cascading wisteria in their home. As soon as the first hint of wisteria blooms appear I am out with my camera to capture the essence of these beautiful plants.

All of the images in my blog today are available to purchase as fine art prints and some are available on other home decor items such as throw pillows. Click on any of the images to be taken a page with more information.

If you live in North America you can view my wisteria collection on Pictorem and take advantage of free shipping to your door.

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  1. Ooh wisteria is so pretty! I absolutely love the colours – they’re stunning – and I didn’t know about the different varieties, that’s so interesting! Thank you so much for sharing.

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