Cat Spirit Guide

Cat Spirit Guide
Cat Spirit Guide

My blog looks at my photo art image ‘Cat Spirit Guide’.

Cat Spirit Guide

A picture posed for beautifully by Ms Stevie Mouse.

Cat Spirit Guide
Cat Spirit Guide

I mentioned in an earlier blog that the snow leopard was my spirit animal but as I think is obvious I have a great affinity with cats generally.

Cats and Witchcraft

Of course witches are often depicted with a cat. The use of a cat as a familiar by witches is one of the reasons a black cat is considered unlucky and associated with symbols of Halloween. In Greek Mythology the Goddess Hercates had a cat. As Hercates was the goddess of magic, sorcery, the moon and witchcraft the cat got a bad press. In the 13th Century cats were declared incarnations of Satan. This was one of many reasons cats were once persecuted. Let’s add in the rumor they spread the Bubonic plague, which led to the slaughter of cats. Thus inadvertently spreading the plague as the rodent population, the real plague carriers, lost their predators.

Cats and Spirituality

Cats have a long history of being seen to be very spiritual. Most people know they were worshiped in Egypt as royalty (a fact Stevie Mouse never tires of telling our two dogs).

But did you know that cats represent fertility in Scandinavia (linked to the Norse Goddess of Fertility Freya) and childbirth in India (linked to the Hindu Goddess of Childbirth, Shashti)? The Celts believed that cats guarded the underworld.

‘Cat Spirit Guide’ is my homage to those cats and Stevie Mouse was very happy to model for me.

Cat Spirit Guide Attributes

A cat spirit guide or totem/power animal denotes intelligence, protection, agility, independence and curiosity. Add in sensuality, a bit of mystery and freedom. All of which Stevie Mouse has in abundance of course.

Use the cat as a spirit animal to help you to tackle linger problems or issues. Learn about patience and timing (think of a hunting cat). A cat knows when to be quiet and wait and when to move fast. Learn to be flexible and agile. And how to mix independence with sociability. The cat spirit animal will also teach you to develop a relaxed connection with yourself.

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Elements of this article were originally posted in my blog in 2017. This updated and expanded version was published on 25 April 2022.

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  1. What a talent! I love cats but my favorite is Find Peace in Paciano with the curious farm dog. I will enjoy seeing your other paintings.

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