Cats Demand A Tummy Rub

Niblet Helps Put Out The Laundry

A tummy rub is in constant demand at my house. And I don’t just mean Barnet Boy LOL! With two dogs and 16 cats you would have thought I would be used to it when they demand a tummy rub at awkward times. But they never cease to make me laugh! I do have to watch where I am walking though.

Cats Demand A Tummy Rub


Hogie waiting for a tummy rub
Hogie Building Up His Strength To Help

Our ginger cat is called Hogie and he has a beautiful, friendly, soft character as well as good looks. In my experience ginger cats are usually gentle little souls. It is unusual for him to get involved in my chores. So it was funny to see him limbering up on the porch, getting ready to muscle in on whatever I was up to. A quick tummy rub to keep him happy and he was ready to start work.

ginger cat getting ready for a tummy rub
Time To Help Mum Down The Steps

In the end, he decided to lend a helping paw as I went down the stairs. On this occasion I wasn’t carrying anything. This means I was able to hold onto the handrail and keep a steadying hand on the brick wall. Because, I don’t know about your cats, but my cats have a habit of suddenly stopping in front of us as we walk. And then throwing themselves on their back for a tummy rub. Attention is always needed to a) not stand on the cat and b) not fall over the cat. On this occasion I made it down the stairs safely.

Niblet Helps With The Laundry

At the washing line, there was young Niblet rolling on her back for, you guessed it, a tummy rub. She then disappeared and left me to put the laundry on the line.

A few minutes later, I heard an indignant squeak and when I looked it was Niblet. She had settled herself in a little sun trap and the last piece of laundry on the line was blocking her sunshine.

Niblet Helps Put Out The Laundry

What do you? Of course I moved the offending item and then checked that every piece I pegged on the line subsequently did not block her sunshine.

Now, who else needs a tummy rub round here?

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  1. I don’t know about a tummy rub, but I could use a back rub. Maybe I’ll go lounge on the floor in front of my husband. Do you think that would work? LOL. They are so cute, Dorothy.

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