Celebrating National Teddy Bear Day

Some Of My Bears Getting In The Mood

National Teddy Bear Day is 9 September. And the bears will be celebrating at our house!

Some Of My Bears Getting In The Mood

How Did Teddy Bears Get Their Name?

The story goes that, while on a hunting trip, American President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub. A cartoon of the event was published in 1902 and did the equivalent at that time of ‘going viral’.

Inspired by the cartoon, a New York Store Owner realised he had found the perfect name for a new toy he had just created. Morris Michtom wrote to President Roosevelt to get his permission and then named the new toy a ‘Teddy Bear’.

Teddy Bears I Know And Love

Note that this is present tense as I still have all my Teddies from when I was a child. Plus I have added a few in the meantime.

Celebrating National Teddy Bear Day
Give Me A Bear Hug


I mentioned my first ever bear, ‘Teddy’, in my blog Adults Don’t Stop Loving Their Teddy Bears. So as we are celebrating National Teddy Bear Day he deserves first mention.

As you can see from the image, Teddy is a much loved bear. A lot of hugging and kissing means he has a lot of stitches holding him together!

But he is a happy little boy now he is retired, he spends his days cuddling his girlfriend Clarissa!


Toby has been mentioned in several blogs including Toby Bear Is My Winnie The Pooh. What makes Toby so special is that he has traveled all over the world with me – and even wrote a book that sold out its print run!

Toby (on the right) Chairs An Editorial Meeting with Malcolm and Wabbit Bear

Toby is no stranger to parties, and he will be celebrating National Teddy Bear Day with his mates and co-editors Malcolm and Wabbit Bear.

More Teddy Bears Than Cats

Given that I have 16 cats, it tells you something that I have considerably more bears! I have one teddy bear in a bird watching outfit, one in scuba diving gear, one with fairy wings and even one in a wedding dress that was a gift from friends when I married Barnet Boy.

Lining Up To Party

Most of the bears live in my art studio and I can only imagine what they will be getting up to celebrating National Teddy Bear Day. I just hope they clear up the mess afterwards.

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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