Cheesecake in Brighton Beats Beast From The East

Beast from the East
The View From The Cheesecake

In my blog today I am joined by guest blogger June Lound (aka Mum). My visit to the UK to celebrate my Dad’s 85th birthday has been hijacked by a winter storm. The storm has been called ‘The Beast From The East’ and at time of writing we have been house bound for four days, watching the snow fall. But luckily we have cheesecake!

Cheesecake In Brighton Beats Beast From The East

Birthday Celebrations

I nervously watched the weather forecast in both the UK and Italy as my Dad’s birthday approached. You don’t want to miss a big birthday like that do you? The day I left Italy the snow started before Barnet Boy got back to the house from the airport. He and I are now sharing snow stories on a daily basis in our phone calls. But I made it to my parents’ house in Brighton. Just in time for the Beast From the East.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

The birthday celebrations lasted three days. We spread out all the visitors so we didn’t wear my Dad out. Mum prepared all the food including purchasing a yummy salted caramel cheesecake.

We all had a great time but we were aware that in the background was The Beast From The East, lurking with intent.

Weather Forecasts

By complete coincidence, Mum and I bought my Dad a weather station for his birthday. He has had great fun comparing his weather station results with the national weather forecast.

The national weather forecast has been dominated by The Beast From The East. This cold front is caused by unusual warmth in the Antartic pushing the cold in our direction, a sign of global warming.

The Beast From The East

Fun At First

Beast from the East
The View From The Cheesecake

The Beast brought heavy snow to large parts of Europe. A large part of the UK is paralysed by snow. At the start of the week, with the first snow, huge jokes were made about how a small bit of snow causes mayhem in the UK. Schools were closed, trains didn’t run and flights were cancelled. Kids played in the snow. Did you see the nuns having a snowball fight in Rome? Really unusual to see snow there.

Luckily some cheesecake was left from the party and Mum and I sat eating it, watching the snow fall. It made up a bit for the fact that all our plans for my visit were shot to pieces.

Things Are Serious

Beast from the East
Blizzard Conditions

As the week went on though, the jokes stopped as red weather warnings for the UK were issued. These mean danger to life, stay at home. Large amounts of snow fell in different parts of the country. Airports are still closed and the army is working with the police to reach people who are trapped.

Helping Others

There have been great stories of people helping those in difficulty. A surgeon walked 8 miles in the snow in order to carry out vital surgery. Other NHS staff have also walked to work, some have been picked up and transported by farmers using their tractors to get through the snow. Large numbers of drivers were trapped on the motorway and stranded in the snow. Some lorry drivers opened their loads of food and supplied other drivers. People living close to the road walked to take supplies to the motorists.

Blizzards Ahoy – Beast From The East

Beast from the East
Day Four Still Snowing

Today, the Beast From The East is now in a serious relationship with Storm Emma coming from the south. The storm winds are causing dreadful blizzards.

Luckily Barnet Boy is not affected by the storm and the snow is now torrential rain. He was able to get out today which is good news. Whether I will get home as planned is still uncertain. Hopefully things will clear for my trip to the airport on Sunday. Keep everything crossed for me.

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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