Cinni and Blue Snow

Cinni logoA bit later than usual for my Friday blog but I spent the afternoon at a cat sanctuary in Arezzo, Italy called Cinni. I have supported it for many, many years and am on the committee. Cinni has just affiliated with ENPA, the national charity and so we had lots of things to discuss including developing a new website, which will be down to Barnet Boy of course (did I say before he was a website designer – not just handsome LOL). I am responsible for the Cinni Facebook page and you can join me there if you like I will give you the link to the new website when Barnet Boy has finished it.

Art PrintsAs I said in an earlier blog, 50% of my proceeds from the sale of two of the images from my cat gallery go to Cinni.

This is a photo of Bluebottle sitting in the road after heavy snow that I have enhanced to bring out the red tones. So different from my usual work but I like it. It is called ‘Blue Snow’.

I did manage to get the new gallery of chakra images for treatment rooms, spas and waiting rooms finally completed this week. This is the link:

Sell Art OnlineThere are seven individual images representing the seven main chakras, one each of red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo and violet/purple. These have key characteristics of the colours on them in words like this example – my favourite colour of course!  I deliberately didn’t go for blocks of colours, for example the purple is made up of various shades.  They look great on throw pillows and tote bags I have to say.

There is also what I have called ‘Chakra Stack’ which is all the of the images put together in a vertical collage.  This is a very tall, thin piece, ideal for certain wall shapes and very much a talking point.  It also looks good on a duvet cover – a small duvet cover would double as a treatment bench cover of course.

There has been a lot of activity on Pinterest this week and I was invited to join a fashion board of all things – do you follow my boards? Come to that there are lots of places you could be following me!  You can find all the links on my About.Me page at

My YouTube video of my healing art and colour harmony images has received good reviews – some people are even using it as a three minute meditation, listening to the soothing music and watching my images on the screen. I am so glad people like it.  If you haven’t seen it you can watch it here:

Photography PrintsThe most recent piece I have finished started several months ago – we had work done on our roof and there was a pile of terracotta tiles sitting doing nothing that I liked the look of. I liked the pattern and different colours and I knew I could do something interesting with it. Well I finally got around to it, by making various mirror images and highlighting the central ’tiles’ you get this fabulous repeat pattern, with waves and the suggestion of a pair of eyes looking at you from the centre.

I have Tai Chi class tomorrow of course, every Saturday morning, so that should be good – at least as I hold the class mid morning it won’t be too hot. Otherwise we will be playing with the new Cinni website and generally relaxing.  I hope you have a good weekend, see you on Monday.

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