Classic Cars and Motorcycles Collection

Classic Cars and Motorcycles
Fiat 1100 D Through the Window

Have you seen my classic cars and motorcycles collection of images? Who knew cars could be so much fun?

Classic Cars and Motorcycles Collection

What is a classic car or motorcycle?

Classic Cars and Motorcycles
Fiat 508 Balila

The exact definition varies around the world. In broad terms a classic car is an old one that has enough historical interest to be collectible. As a broad rule of thumb a car over 100 years old falls into the class of an antique.

According to Wikipedia, the Classic Car Club of America and the Antique Automobile Club of America maintain lists of cars eligible to be categorized as ‘classic’. In the UK classic cars fall into three categories, veteran (pre-First World War), vintage (1919-1930) and post-vintage (1930s).

As I live in Italy, the majority of my classic car and motorcycle collection are Italian. Fiat dominates, not surprisingly!

Monte Cetona Classic Car Rally

Classic Cars and Motorcycles
Alfa Romeo 1600Z

For several years I have enjoyed the Monte Cetona Classic Car Rally. The rally comprises registered participants who have classic cars or motorcycles travelling in a convoy around the towns and villages in the Monte Cetona area in Tuscany, Italy. They have a long stop in the middle of Cetona. They all park in the central piazza while the drivers have a drink and a break before leaving on the final leg of the rally to Lago Chiusi.

Classic Cars and Motorcyles
Jaguar Mark 2

One year I decided to wait in Cetona so I could capture images of the cars and motorcycles whilst parked. Photography is encouraged at this event and I competed with many other people who also had cameras stuck to their faces. Then I waited just outside the town to catch them all as they left the piazza and headed down hill towards their final destination. Barnet Boy followed me around with a note pad furiously noting the details of the cars as I rapidly took photographs in the limited time available.

Classic Cars in the Main Piazza Cetona

Classic Cars and Motorcycles
Fiat 500 Abarth

I got some great photos of the parked cars which affords the opportunity of a good look at the lines and presentation of the cars. The owners are very proud of their cars and so they were highly polished. With the strong midday sun and no shade the reflections were enough to give you a headache! It was a major exercise not to get myself reflected in the car bodywork as I worked around the parked cars. I also had to wait patiently for people to move at times to try and capture a shot.

Classic Cars and Motorcycles
Fiat 1100 D Through the Window

Given the heat many of the cars were parked with their windows open which afforded the opportunity to capture photos of the steering wheels and dashboards. I tried to capture the wing mirror too where possible. They make an interesting collection of images.

Weekly Scheduling
Lancia 2000 Through The Window

I developed a whole series of images based on a shot through the driver’s window of cars. Like the Lancia above.

Classic Cars and Motorcycles
The Blue Lambretta

As well as cars, I have a whole collection of great images of classic motorbikes and scooters. I particularly liked a blue Lambretta that caught my eye, parked by the marble fountain in the square.

Line Them Up

Vespa scooters featured strongly of course, as well as a range of old BMW, Moto Morino and Moto Guzzi classic motorcycles.

Motorcycle Helmet
Moto Guzzi helmet

I have had great fun with some of the photographs as you can see with the image above which features a Moto Guzzi helmet on the seat of a vintage Moto Guzzi motorbike. But you can get an idea of the vibrancy and energy in my classic motorcycle images through this video introduction. Great music too!

Leaving Cetona

One moment I was standing midway down the hill leaving Cetona in peace and tranquility then suddenly the classic motorcycles came racing down the hill closely followed by the classic cars. It was quite a job to photograph them as they were moving fast and also because I was laughing so much. As they saw my camera they were all waving and shouting and tooting their horns. It was such a fun and they were all obviously having a ball!

Classic Cars and Motorcycles
Monte Cetona Classic Car Rally Participants

Classic cars and motorcycles. It is a great feast for the eyes isn’t it?

You can view my classic car and motorcycle collection on RedBubble (worldwide shipping) and Pictorem (free shipping in North America).

This article was originally published in 2017 and updated and republished 2 May 2022.

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  1. My husband loves classic cars. We just went to a show in a neighboring town this weekend. I enjoyed it. A Bond Car was even there. A Ford Farelane

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