Cold and Exasperated Halfway Up A Mountain In Italy 12 December 2018

What do you mean BREXIT?

Yeah, cold and exasperated. Big drop in temperature overnight with the forecast of snow so cold. Exasperated about the mess the UK government has managed to get itself into over Brexit.

Cold and Exasperated


Living in Italy people always assume that we enjoy balmy temperatures all year round. But that is not the case. It can get very cold in winter and with lots of snow. That is not least because we live half way up a mountain. The year BB and I got married we were snowed in for quite a while in February, the usual month for snow around here.

Cold and Exasperated
Every Picture Tells A Story

Today we woke up to a very heavy frost, the first real one of the winter. The sun is out and the outside cats are all snuggled up together in it, getting as much warmth as possible. Thank goodness I got their beds all ready for winter!

Indoors, I can’t get the dogs and Emmy away from the log fire as you can see.

We have plenty of logs and the emergency store cupboard is full. But I hope not to have to use it just yet as I am due to visit my parents for a week just before Christmas and that needs to happen.


Now let me think, what could I possible be exasperated about? Oh yes, I nearly forgot (not) – Brexit!

Let me be clear this is not a complaint about the result of the initial referendum – we live in a democracy, people voted how they felt was correct and I have no problem with those who voted Brexit or remain.

cold and exasperated
Stevie Mouse Is not Impressed

But I have been distressed watching how the country has been torn apart by the whole Brexit process. It is clear from watching Parliament and reading the news that there are so many different factions.  So many different ideas of what Brexit means (all of which differ). Then the faction that wants to remain in the EU. Then the faction that wants a People’s vote – all with some overlap in between.

The vote on the deal that had been negotiated by the Prime Minister and her band of merry men and women should have been voted on yesterday in Parliament. But that vote was delayed because it was clear it was going to be defeated. Now today we wake up to a no confidence vote in the Prime Minister that will be held later today.

Human Consequences

Speaking as a Brit living in Italy, we have had two years worrying about our status in Italy post Brexit and we are no clearer at this stage what that will be. Some people who have lived here for years are worried they may be forced to return to the UK. Some are very dependent upon the health service owing to illness – they should not have the added stress of whether the Italian health service will still continue to support them in the event of a no deal Brexit. Note, there is currently a reciprocal arrangement between Italy and UK.

I see stories of people in the UK stockpiling food and medicines because they are worried about the consequences, particularly of a no deal. A women with a seriously ill child should not have to be crying herself to sleep with worry over being able to get the medicines she needs in the case of a no deal scenario.

So yes I sit here cold and exasperated. I can do something about the former but I and countless others can only sit on the sidelines and hope the UK Brexit scenario gets sorted quickly. For the benefit of all concerned.

UPDATE 21 DECEMBER: The Italian government gave us an early Christmas present. They confirm that even if there is a No Deal our right of residency is secure. What a relief!

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