Comfort Food

woman eating comfort food
Comfort Food

Comfort food. I just finished two cookies that I really didn’t need. But hey, it is cold outside and I can’t go out and play so they hit the spot nicely. I guess the time to worry is when I eat the whole tin of cookies.

Sound Familiar?

I am not talking here about people who have serious eating disorders. I am talking about people like me who keep an eye on their weight but still manage to eat extra things at times of stress. Or just because they can. I am sure we have all done it. Eaten cookies, chocolate or other food that we don’t really need but seemed to make us feel a bit better. Until we get on the weighing scales again anyway. The trouble with the current COVID crisis (amongst various other crises in the world) is that we have a lot more time on our hands. There is also a lot more to worry about on top of our everyday life activites. And that means the temptation to eat rather more than we should. How many people have complained about the weight they have put on in lockdown?

More Of A Winter Tendency

For me, eating comfort food is more of a winter tendency. In the spring, summer and autumn I have lots to do outside the house with the land and garden. Plus taking photographs of course.  Mind you I am partial to an afternoon ice cream or ice cream smoothie. The winter tends to drag me down just a bit, I am like a caged animal indoors. And when it is cold and my arthritis kicks in that chocolate bar looks tempting.

Art With Surreal Twist

woman eating comfort food
Comfort Food

I wanted to create an image that captured the idea of grabbing some comfort food. But I was looking for something surreal so I created an image from a photograph that has various twists and turns. It features a woman biting happily into a pastry – but I have made given her eyes a devil-ish glow. You know that feeling, you shouldn’t be doing it but you are going to do it anyway. Or, put another way, naught but nice! The woman has an ‘echo’ a replica below, suggestive of the two minds we are in about whether we should eat that extra piece of cake or not. The calm, thinking mind says maybe it is not such a good idea as it is only an hour to dinner. The other side says ‘gimme’.

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Mid-week Reflections
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