Coping With What The Day Throws At You

A quick look at a stressful day and coping with what the day throws at you from two different perspectives.

Coping With What The Day Throws At You

Mummy’s Perspective

I got really cross with my dog Ringo today. He kept barking. I am sorry I got cross with him but his barking was making my head hurt.

Reasons to Bark

Pensive Puppy – Ringo

We have had workmen in and around the house for over two week now and everything they do makes Ringo bark. He barks when they turn up in their car (fair enough, that is guard dog duty). He barks when they come in the house initially (again okay-ish as it is protection duty and they see the house as their safe space). But it doesn’t stop there. I keep thinking he is going to learn that they are here and it is okay because I am okay with it but he doesn’t. He is in a completely different part of the house and they don’t enter the dogs’ space at any time but still he barks at the sound of them in another room.

No Signs of Ringo Getting used To It

His brother Spud dissolved into a pile of quivering jelly the first day the workmen came to the house. Stevie Mouse and Emmy hid. But as the week has gone on they have got used to the noise and interruptions and are fine with it. But not Ringo. He seems to be in a permanent state of nervous breakdown and it doesn’t help that Barnet Boy is in the UK at the moment so I am having to deal with the workmen and keep the animals calm. I wonder how much of the fact that his Dad is away is adding to his stress?

I am very aware that the animals respond to my reaction to things so I have been doing my best to keep calm but one thing has been driving me nuts – Ringo constantly barking! But I actually shouted at him today as his barking was taking the top of my head off. I realize to him that just means I was barking too and it didn’t help!

Barking in Silence

Last night I was laying in bed and the dogs were asleep but I could still hear him barking – seriously, it has played havoc with my tinnitus (I wrote about my tinnitus in another blog).

I have tried all the tricks in the book and still that incessant barking. Even Stevie Mouse and Emmy are showing signs of stress from his barking – note from the barking now, not the workmen!

Unreasonable Barking

Hey Look Over There!

The workmen went home at lunchtime today and so things were lovely and peaceful. Until my best friend Jodi came to walk the dogs with me and we were off again. Once Ringo realized who it was he was okay, he loves her. Until she put on a hat and then he was off again. I guess she looked different. My little dog Holly hated people in hats! Great walk, lovely views, great conversation, well behaved (or reasonably well behaved LOL) dogs. Then Jodi walked into the living room where the dogs were to sit and talk to me and was greeted with loud barking from Ringo.

Thank goodness no more workmen until Tuesday when Barnet Boy will be home and we can manage the dogs together. It will give Ringo a chance to calm down, he must be so tired and I am surprised he doesn’t have a sore throat!

I feel better writing about it in my blog.

Ringo’s Perspective

I Am Coping On My Own

My Daddy is away so I am in charge. I have to look after Mummy and Emmy and Stevie Mouse and all the others. Spud is no help so I have to do the work of two dogs. Mummy doesn’t seem to realize the danger. These men, that I don’t know, are in our house and we are not allowed to run around like we usually do. There are so many strange noises and smells. Mummy closes the dog gate and goes into the other room to see them and anything could be happening and I can’t get out to do anything about it.

I Got Into Trouble

Then this lady comes to the house, Auntie Jodi. I really like Auntie Jodi, she brings us biscuits. But today I didn’t realize at first it was her when she put something on her head. Then she was talking to Mummy about serious things and Mummy wasn’t paying me any attention, even when I sat on her feet and kept nudging her. So I barked at Auntie Jodi and it didn’t go down well. At least now it is quiet, I am laying next to Mummy and I can sleep in peace as there is no danger.

I feel better now everyone has gone home and we are back to just us.

I guess we are both coping with what the day throws at us in our own ways.

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  1. Oh honey I get it. Buddy is as cute as he can be … but he’s got that protective streak too. One does wonder what goes on in their heads, lol!!!!

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