Delving Into Colourful Digital Abstracts

digital abstracts
Shapes in Abstract Rioting Colour

Illness, caring for Scrappy and the kittens and building work at our house and hot weather. All these have seriously curtailed my ability to go out and take photographs. Instead I have been busy creating digital abstracts.

Delving Into Colourful Digital Abstracts

As I couldn’t go out and about much I decided to make best use of my time indoors. I set myself the task of creating two new digital abstract series. Both series are based around the combination of geometric designs, use of lines, colours and textures.

Why Create A Series And Not Just One?

For me, the fun about creating a series is the ability to explore a number of ideas on how to present the same or similar basic image.  One image tends to be more focused.

Digital Abstracts
My World in a Countryside

Going Into Depth With One Image

I often create one off digital abstracts. Take, for example, ‘My World in a Countryside‘.

Working with a story and one image allows for an in depth exploration of the subject.

This piece is an attempt to create artistically, through digital media, how I feel about my adopted home of Umbria in Italy. In this abstract we see the sun which dominates everything and a beautiful blue sky which is also reflected in the lower part of the image. This is a suggestion of Lago Trasimeno over which I have a fabulous view from my house. There are hints of trees, leaves and undulating hill side. There are also splodges of paint which reflect the artistic inspiration I draw from where I live.

Thinking Bigger With A Series

A series of images allows me to explore my ideas in a different way. For both of the series I have created, I started with a base image including some geometric shapes. In planning this image I take into account that I am going to be adding different colours and textures and even creating stories. With the latest series ‘Shapes in Abstract’ I deliberately created one rectangle in a prominent horizontal position so it could contrast with the rest of the image.

Creating An Vision

digital abstracts
Shapes in Abstract Under The Sea

Starting with the first image in the new series ‘Shapes in Abstract Under The Sea‘ I had a clear picture in my head of what I wanted to create. I had in mind Atlantis and undersea architectural discoveries.

This is where you should be very worried about how my mind works – but don’t worry I’m okay in my own little world.

The main issue was getting the effect like the sun shining through the ocean down towards the looming shapes. I like it though, it is not far off the picture I had in my head!

As the series progressed I tried out lots of other ideas.


digital abstracts
Shapes in Abstract Glimpse of Another World

Having been inundated, if not overwhelmed, by all the bad news and sad news recently, I wanted to create an image that showed hope.

Remember that horizontal rectangle? Well that acted beautifully as a pseudo television screen in the piece ‘Shapes in Abstract Glimpse of Another World‘.

The piece shows fire and flames, my representation of a world gone mad. From the void of darkness we are shown a glimpse of another world of hope and peace, with sunshine and greenery.

So within this series I am able to get across a number of impressions and stories.

Having Fun

digital abstracts
Shapes in Abstract Rioting Colour

Some of the images in the new series I just had fun with. It was fun to give the geometric shapes angels wings for example!

I did create one of the images specifically with an eye to the various products on which it would be sold. ‘Shapes in Abstract Rioting Colour‘ is a very pretty repetition of the geometric shapes at different angles but with a lovely combination of colours.

It looks great as a piece of wall art but also good on leggings, phone cases, throw pillows etc. It was an image designed for its purpose if you will.

Video of First Series

I made a video of the first series of digital abstracts I created. This series was also based around some geometric shapes but has a very different feel as you can see.

All of the images in my blog today are available to purchase as prints or on a variety of great products. Just click on the individual image to go to the page with more information or go direct to my abstracts collection.

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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  1. I loved the last Rioting Colour one Dorothy – and I also popped over to check out those darling little kittens – they’re all very lucky to have found someone who cares so much about them (unlike a lot of people these days). I hope you find homes for them all and don’t end up with 11 cats 🙂

  2. Leanne we are keeping all of them – so we actually have 19 cats LOL. Luckily we have no neighbours and lots of land so there is plenty of space. And who will look after them like their Nanny????

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