Etruschi al Volante Visits Paciano

Etruschi al Volante Vespas

On 31 July 2022 Etruschi al Volante (Etruscans at the wheel) a car, motorcycle and Vespa rally visited our home town of Paciano in Umbria, Italy. Of course we had to go!

Etruschi al Volante


This event was organised by I Cinquantini Eventi Vintage (Fifties Vintage Events). Our local Comune (local authority) had posted a notice about the event stating that 70-80 cars and Vespas would be visiting Paciano between 5.30pm and 7.30pm on 31 July.

We are veterans of these events, as you can tell from my blog mentioning the Cetona car and motorcycle rally. So we knew we had to narrow down the time as that would likely mean sometime within those two hours. I looked at the Facebook page of the organiser and discovered that this was part of a bigger event. The rally would gather at Sanfatucchio (which we can see from our back terrace). And then visit various towns as part of the rally including Paciano. Then they would all end up for a dinner back at Sanfatucchio.

I messaged the events organizer to ask what time the rally was likely to arrive in Paciano. They said 6-6.30pm. So that gave us something to aim for.

Arriving Early

views of paciano in umbria
Paciano Collage

We knew that parking might be tricky. Paciano is a small town and an influx of 70-80 vehicles would take up a lot of space! So we got there nice and early, around 5.45pm and sat happily in the shade under some trees watching the world go by. 6pm came and went and there was no sign of any activity. Did I say we were veterans of these events? Undeterred we walked up to the top of the main square and sat on another bench in the shade along with a few other people who had gathered to see the rally.

And we waited, and waited. We heard people saying they would be here in a quarter of an hour. Then ten minutes later we heard someone say they would be a quarter of an hour and that they were coming from Panicale, the next town up the mountain.

Glorious Mayhem

About 6.30pm there was the sound of loud 50s music blaring and suddenly the rally started to arrive. It was glorious mayhem. I captured some of the chaos in a short video. Note, in the video I comment on the strong smell of the diesel but I misspoke, it was of course two stroke fuel that the Vespas were using.

The rally was in Paciano for about 15 minutes or so and it was a wonderful opportunity to walk around and look at the Vespas, motorcycles and cars that had gathered. We left just before the rally headed off to its next stop so we could avoid the mayhem of the departure.

Etruschi al Volante Vespas

Just great fun. Paciano is a quiet, picturesque little town and very peaceful. But for half an hour, thanks to the Etruschi al Volante, it was loud and noisy. We loved every minute!

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