Face Coverings As Fashion Accessories

A collection of items with one design
Design: Perchance To Dream

As I wrote in a recent article about La Bella Figura it is time to consider face coverings as fashion accessories.

a pink and blue design on a face mask
Design: Pink And Blue Fusion

Why Consider Face Coverings As Fashion Accessories?

Wearing a face covering/mask is going to be a requirement for many of us for a long time to come. It is not environmentally friendly to keep using disposable masks when, by paying a little bit more, it is possible to have a face covering you can wash and use time and time again.

I have some cotton face masks that I use when I go to the supermarket. Made locally in Italy by someone better at sewing than me (and who has a sewing machine), they are double layered and perfectly functional for everyday use.

But suppose you want to make a fashion statement with your face covering, particularly when going out somewhere special?

Example of a face covering with a bright pattern
Design: Strelizia Chaos

Artistic Face Coverings Are Becoming Popular

The clamor to actually find face masks has died down a bit for most of us. I remember when we first went into lock down in Italy in early March, it was really hard to find masks anywhere. Now masks are more easy to come by, and there is increasing interest in artistic face coverings. Perhaps with simple floral designs, a pattern or a cute cat or dog but also for something with more of a design.

Mix and Match Your Accessories

While a striking face mask can make an impression, you can also mix and match your accessories to include your face covering.

A collection of items with one design
Design: Perchance To Dream

For example, at my Art of Where store, it is possible to buy yoga leggings and a matching face covering. Or perhaps match a face covering with a pair of shorts, a headband, a crop top and/or a beanie. What about a matching tote bag?

Want To Stick With Plain Colors?

No problem I have you covered there. I have a face covering called ‘Goth Perspective’ that is actually a black brick wall. So although it is a plain color it has a hint of interest.

Design: Never Alone

Similarly, my design ‘Never Alone’ is red but with a hint of something else to give some interest. It has a design with story that is almost etched into the red. Take a look and you will see what I mean.

A Note about the Face Coverings On My Art of Where Store

The masks/face coverings on my Art of Where store are made of two layers of cotton sateen printed with permanent reactive inks so they won’t fade even after endless washes. They feature a stainless steel nose piece to ensure a tight fit, soft fabric ear pieces and an internal filter pocket (filter not provided). Note these are not medical masks. As these are designer masks and each one printed is individually for you in Montreal, they take a bit longer to produce but they are comfortable and stylish. The face coverings are available in three youth and four adult sizes so you can find one that actually fits your face.

Click to see my full face covering collection

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