Floral Jigsaw Puzzles Make Great Gifts

floral jigsaw puzzles

Floral jigsaw puzzles make great gifts for Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas or indeed any occasion. Here are just a few that I have available to purchase. These are all photo-art images created from my own photographs.

Floral Jigsaw Puzzles


floral jigsaw puzzlesThis piece ‘Echinacea‘ is based on a photograph I took in a beautiful cottage garden. Echinacea are also known as coneflowers. They are actually a member of the daisy family. Blooming in summer, some plants are grown for their showy flowers (as in this image). But you may have also heard of ‘echinacea purpurea’ which is grown for its medicinal properties.

The image strips the photograph to the essentials of the beautiful structure of the flower heads towering above the flower border. The colors of shades of pink and lilac against a pale background of shades of green is restful and soothing.

Moody Purple Iris

floral jigsaw puzzlesMoody Purple Iris‘ depicts the joy of a flower discovered quite by chance. This is a rough patch of grassland with long grass dotted with small yellow wild flowers. But a purple iris has managed to gain a foothold and rises majestic above the grass, its flowers highlighted in the sunshine.

The treatment of the photograph is intended to depict the joy of discovery and the exquisite colors punctuating the landscape in an unexpected place.

Iris Edging the Grass

floral jigsaw puzzlesReaders of my blog will know how much I love Iris and this image ‘Iris Edging the Grass‘ is one of my favourites. In May and June my garden is full of these beautiful flowers. They are easy to propagate – which is just as well as they are popular food for the local porcupines!

These are just three of many floral jigsaw puzzles I have available and I am sure you will agree they make great gifts.

About the Puzzles

These and a whole range of jigsaw puzzles are available from my Pictorem store, with free shipping in the USA and Canada.

These are high quality puzzles. Unlike with traditional printing, the artwork is produced by sublimation print. Pictorem utilize heat and pressure to transfer images directly onto the surface of the puzzle, bonding the image to the substrate at the molecular level. All protected by a high-gloss varnish.

The puzzles are available in four sizes, 120, 315, 500 and 1,000 pieces. All with 30 days satisfaction guaranteed.

And the joy of the puzzles is that once you have had the fun of putting them together, they can be framed and hung on your wall!

Find Out More

Check out my Pictorem portfolio and see the full range of wall art and jigsaw puzzles that are available. This quick video presents 25 jigsaw puzzles as an overview of what is available.

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