Frightened Abandoned Puppies Strike It Lucky

Abandoned Puppies
Two Means Trouble

Today’s blog is a short story about two abandoned puppies who find their forever home.

Frightened Abandoned Puppies Strike It Lucky

Abandoned Puppies

“Hug the concrete curb and don’t look at the traffic,” screamed the puppy as he pressed up against his little brother.

The two little black puppies clung to each other in fear at the side of the road. Driving along the main road at speed, few drivers would have noticed them. The puppies were already bruised and battered from being thrown out of a car. But they were in real danger of being hit by the traffic.

The puppies didn’t know what to do.¬† They cried with pain and fear. At three months’ old, their lives had been hard. Little food, ill treatment and fear had been their daily routine. They both huddled together and kept their eyes shut, waiting for the end.

The Rescue

A car stopped, blocking the traffic and they heard a kind voice. Terrified, they were incapable of moving, even to run away from a stranger. Someone picked up the puppies and put them in the trunk of a car.

“What’s happening now?” cried the smaller puppy, but his bigger brother was almost unconscious with fear and didn’t respond. All they could do was huddle together and get some comfort from each other.

Getting to Safety

After a while the car went down a bumpy track and someone took the two puppies out of the trunk and through a big metal gate. There were lots of dogs there, all different sizes, some in individual runs, some together in a group in a communal area. The dogs all ran to the fence to look at the newcomers.

By now the puppies were beyond terrified and had entered a state of nervous exhaustion, almost catatonic. The little boys were overwhelmed by the noise, the different smells and the stress of it all.

Someone examined the abandoned puppies. They noted that the puppies were malnourished, had skin sores and were infested with ticks, fleas and mites. The little brothers relied on each other for everything and were inseparable. If one was picked up the other one would scream until his brother was returned to him.

After the examination, they were put in a quiet room and given something to eat, which they ate in seconds and then they fell asleep on top of one another exhausted. Two brothers together as always, each the centre of the other’s world.

Life In the Dog Rescue Centre

Urgent veterinary treatment and the regular meals that were provided over the next few days began to give them the strength to explore their surroundings.

“No-one has hurt us and the food is good,” said the bigger puppy. “It is time we started to explore this place.” And explore they did. They ate anything and everything and were constantly in trouble for stealing from the feed bins in the outhouse. The puppies were always hungry but they heard the humans saying they needed ‘worming’ which would fix that. They felt more confident and went and talked to the other dogs through the fence.

“This is a good place,” said one female hunting dog. “I was pregnant and my owner abandoned me in the woods. Luckily, someone found me and brought me here. I had my puppies and they have gone to good homes. Now I am waiting for my turn to find a new owner.” The two puppies didn’t know what was meant by ‘good homes’. But it seemed to be something worth wishing for. All the other dogs told sad stories and said they hoped to find someone to love them and a place to call their own.

The Danger of Separation

Two dogs, called Tom and Jerry by the rescue centre, had spent their entire lives in a small cage outside through all seasons with only one small kennel. When there was rain or snow, and when it was cold, they had to take turns to go in the kennel as there wasn’t room for both of them.¬† They had only recently been rescued and were still getting used to walking properly and running around in a large space.

“They need time to adjust before they find a new home and may not be kept together,” the puppies were told by one of the older dogs who was a resident at the centre. “Don’t worry boys, someone will come along for you eventually, but you might have to go to separate homes too as not everyone wants two young puppies.”

The two puppies felt devastated to learn they might be separated. The larger one snuggled in to his brother in the night and said quietly, “I don’t want to go anywhere without you”. The little puppy licked his face in agreement. They had been through so much together. The thought of separation was unbearable. In the night, as the bigger puppy twitched and yelped in his sleep with the memories of being beaten, the other one watched over him. “Who will look after him if I am not with him?” he wondered.

The Dream

Later that night the smaller puppy had a dream. In the morning, he told his brother all about it.

Abandoned Puppies
Ringo’s Dream

“In my dream, we live together in a big house surrounded by olive groves and beautiful countryside. There is lots of room to run around, lots of walks with our owners and plenty of food and treats. No-one ever hurts us and there are cat brothers and sisters to play with, including one that is a girl cat with a boy’s name. I don’t know what it means but it felt good. Perhaps that is what they mean when they talk about a ‘good home’?” His brother didn’t quite know what to make of it.

The Day The Dream Came True

Everyone was excited but the puppies

The abandoned puppies had been at the rescue centre for two weeks and had started to gain weight. Their skin problems would take longer to heal and their digestion was not what it should be. But by now they were a familiar sight, running around like little black streaks and creating mischief everywhere. The dog rescue centre staff called them ‘little devils’. Full of energy they were uncontrollable as they had never had any training or socialising with humans and ran away if anyone approached them.

One day the dogs at the centre were all very excited as they heard that two humans were coming to choose a dog to take home with them. Every dog thought it might be them. The puppies were too busy running around to even take in what was happening and the sense of anticipation that was building.

A car pulled up outside the gate and a man and a woman got out. The smaller puppy stopped running and looked. “Come on let’s play,” said his brother. After a moment’s hesitation the little one started chasing his brother as they ran around in circles.

As the two people walked along the fence looking at the dogs, trying to pick one, the puppies were running around in the background. The people looked at a lot of dogs but didn’t seem to find one what they were looking for.

Abandoned Puppies
Ringo and Spud – their first day with us

Finding their ‘good home’

Then the people turned around and looked at the puppies properly for the first time. The puppies stopped running and looked back at the people. “It’s our new owners,” shrieked the smaller puppy as he ran straight for them, with his brother in hot pursuit. The little one jumped into the arms of the man and the other puppy was picked up by the woman.

Ringo looked up into the face of the man and saw kindness and love and knew everything was going to be all right. He looked over at his brother, Spud, and saw him gazing up adoringly into the eyes of the woman who was murmuring softly and showering him with kisses.

“Can we manage two?” said their new Dad “Of course we can, they come as a package,” responded their new Mum.

Ringo and Spud could no longer be called abandoned puppies; they had found their ‘good home’.

Ringo and Spud Now

Abandoned Puppies
Ringo and Spud

The boys are now two years old and still inseparable! Their owners (Barnet Boy and I) adore them but they are still little devils. If you like reading about my animals you might also like to read my blog about Spud’s surgery for elbow dysplasia.

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