Getting Bookmarks Organised With Toby and Pocket

Time To Get Organised

The trouble with bookmarks is overload. Here I am talking about bookmarking websites and articles on the computer. Using the bookmark tool in the browser soon became overwhelming as the lists and folders got longer and longer. But not any more, I got myself organised! Here is a basic introduction to the two tools I use, Toby and Pocket.

Getting Bookmarks Organised with Toby and Pocket

Why Bookmark?

I bookmark so many things. The internet is a treasure trove of interesting information, some of which I want to use now and some later.

For Work

For my artwork I  need to bookmark social media, the sites where my work sells, keyword assistance, create video applications, etc, etc. In support of my blog and article writing I need to research various subjects and go backwards and forwards between articles and sources of information.

For Fun

Then there is the cute story about the kitten that I don’t have time read now but I want to read later.  I’ll add to that to my bookmarks then. Oh! Then there is that fabulous recipe that I must try at some point. Then the best places to buy shoes online, to buy cat food. Reviews of items I have on my list to buy but don’t have the money to think about yet. Does this sound familiar? All of this gets into my bookmarks.

Time To Get Organised

The Joy (or not) of Bookmarking

All of these things and more can be bookmarked and then I can can go back and read them later. That is the theory anyway. In reality I found I had hundreds of bookmarks, hopelessly inefficiently stored (because hey I was going to get around to putting them into sensible folders but didn’t).

I realized it was time to get organised. But I didn’t know where to start!

Along Came Toby

Then someone recommended Toby to me and it was a revelation! Toby is an extension tool for Chrome that helps you organise your bookmarks. You can get it here. Toby is free for individual users and there is a premium version for businesses wanting to use it within teams for sharing workspaces and resources.

This video by BetterCloud explains how to install Toby and how it works.

Black version of Toby screenshot

White or Dark Screen

The video shows a white screen for Toby, you can have a dark screen which I prefer. This is a screen shot of my current Toby view.

Search Function

The video mentions that you can use the search function to find particular bookmarks when things get crowded. Well mine started to get very crowded! Although I was getting much more organised through using Toby, I still found I had so many things saved even Toby was starting to get unmanageable.

I realized that I had now managed to clutter up Toby, albeit in a more sensible way than my original approach to bookmarking!

And then along came Pocket.

Saving Things To Read Later With Pocket

Pocket gives you the ability to save things to read later.  Click a button that you install on your browser and anything that catches your eye can be saved in Pocket to be read when you have time. A web-based service, Pocket used to be called ‘Read It Later’ which had a focus on articles. But with Pocket you can save much more than just articles. You can sign up for Pocket here.

Now I have to be clear that at this stage I am only using the browser Pocket button to save things to my account. But there are a number of apps, like Flipboard and Linked-In and many more, that include built-in saving to Pocket once you link up.  I have not got that sophisticated yet. I am at the point where I see something I am interested in, might be interested in, would like to read when I have time and I can save it to Pocket.

Simple And Easy to Use

I like the fact that you hit the Pocket button and the article or website is saved, it is really simple to use. It is also free which is another attraction! There is a premium version that is ad free, bigger storage etc, but I can’t see that I shall ever need that.

I get easily sidetracked so I used to find that if I saw an interesting article or website that had nothing to do with what I was doing I would drift off and look at it. Now I hit the Pocket button so I can come back to it.

Read Pocket Off-Line Too

You can download the Pocket app and read all the things you have saved off-line. As well as its web-based service, Pocket offers a stand alone app for Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, or Chrome OS. This is particularly handy when you are travelling. Just remember to sync your content before you set out.

I have only begun to scratch the surface of Pocket but I am already using it to great advantage for my articles and blog writing. If I see something relevant to an up and coming blog or article I can just save it and come back to it when I am ready to write.

This video by Steve at DottoTech explains how he uses Pocket and the way it works with some cool examples as he switches between his computer and phone and I recommend you watch it. It is quite short but will give you a better idea than my rambling.

I Am Now Scarily Organised

As a result of using Toby and Pocket together I am seriously organised. I know where to find things and if not the search functions help me. I can keep my regularly used bookmarked URLs in Toby and then browse more detailed articles and/or do some serious research for my blog using Pocket. Why don’t you give them a try? You might be pleasantly surprised how organised your approach to bookmarks can be.

I have added this blog to my page on recommended blog reading – have you looked at that yet?

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