Gift Idea Make Up Bags

Make Up Bag Mystic White

Today’s gift idea is … make up bags! These bags are for sale in my Contrado store, I wrote a blog giving details of the wonderful products that are on sale there. I’ll come back to the detail on the make up bags in a minute. First, I want to ask you a question. What have you actually got in your make up bag? Tell me in the blog comments below. I’ll go first.

Gift Idea Make Up Bags

Make Up Bag Mystic White

What Is In Your Make Up Bag?

Hold on (sound of a zip and rustling as I have a look). Okay in mine there is a manicure set and large nail file. A couple of very dodgy looking elastic bands. A measuring tape, two sets of tweezers. Why two sets of tweezers? Well, one of them has a little button you press and a light comes on so you can see your eyebrows (or chin, let’s no there shall we) when it is low light. Trouble is without my glasses I am as blind as a bat so those tweezers failed for me on several levels. I have no idea why I am hanging on to them.

Now, what else have I got (more rustling). A tick removal tool (for the animals not me!). Dog and cat nail clipping tools. A spectacles cleaning cloth that looks like it has chocolate on it. Ummm, okay that’s it. Remember to share yours in the comments!

Artistic Make Up Bags For Sale

Artistic Make Up Bags

Back to my gift idea make up bags, I have a range available featuring my beautiful acrylic abstracts. These make up bags are printed onto 100% poly Satin fabric. They measure 20 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm and are handmade to order. They ship within a couple of days and if you want to ship them directly to the recipient you can add gift wrapping which gives a choice of two different types of satin bags or two different types of silver tin. Perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays and any special occasion.

Find Out More

Find out more by visiting my Contrado store.

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