Give Love And Fun With Heart-Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles

A heart shaped jigsaw puzzle with a red marbled design
Resurgence Jigsaw Puzzle

Why not give love and fun with heart-shaped jigsaw puzzles now available at my Contrado store? Beautiful little puzzles that show someone how much you care.

Give Love And Fun With Heart-Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles

I have six unique jigsaw puzzles available that make the perfect gift idea for any occasion including Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Here is a quick look at them all.

Pink Is The Color of Love

An example of heart-shaped jigsaw puzzles in shades of blue and pink
Summer Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle

Pink is the color of love, and this heart jigsaw is printed with gorgeous shades of pink with contrasting blues. A stunning and pretty design that will also provide a challenge – this is a small puzzle but has 75 pieces which will take some time to put together given the complexity of the design. A statement and a game – plus when it is finished you can frame it and put it on the wall.

Candlelight Dancing

A heart shaped jigsaw puzzle with a multicolored, vivid design
Candlelight Dancing Jigsaw Puzzle

Each puzzle comes in a pretty storage pouch. This puzzle is printed with my glorious, uplifting acrylic painting entitled Candlelight Dancing. Scrumpy shades of purple, magenta and gold mingle together as the design merges into blues and green. Jigsaw puzzles are very popular, and this makes a thoughtful gift idea for any occasion. This one certainly adds a splash of color fun!

Wedding Dance

A white heart shaped jigsaw puzzle with pastel shades
Wedding Dance Jigsaw Puzzle

Made from sturdy cardboard, this puzzle is printed with my soft and pretty acrylic painting entitled Wedding Dance. Pale pastel shades mingle together against a white background. It looks simple, but it will be a challenge to put together! A perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary perhaps?


A heart shaped jigsaw puzzle in shades of blue and aqua
Effervescence Jigsaw Puzzle

This cute little heart jigsaw is sure to be a winner! It is not that easy to complete if you like a challenge. It is printed with my intricate acrylic painting Effervescence. Soft, blended shades of blue, green and aqua rise up through clouds of fluffy white. But which piece goes where?


A heart shaped jigsaw puzzle with a red marbled design
Resurgence Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle is printed with my striking acrylic painting entitled Resurgence. Glorious shades of red with a hint of orange mingle with a cooler background to make a marbled effect. So pretty! Suitable for all occasions, particularly Valentine’s Day – or why not buy one for yourself?

Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy

A heart shaped jigsaw puzzle with a purple and pink design
Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy jigsaw Puzzle

I saved my favorite until last! A rich and opulent acrylic painting entitled Purple And Pink Dip Fantasy is printed on this stunning heart jigsaw. This is one for purple lovers, gorgeous shades of purple and pink mingle together and are set off by golden highlights. A stunning design on a great gift that is sure to raise a smile.

About The Puzzles

  • 75-piece jigsaw puzzle.
  • 19 cm x 19 cm (7.48 inches), 2 mm thick, 80 g.
  • Supplied in a storage pouch of your choice – a ‘Gorgeous’ theme, a ‘Valentine’s Day theme’ or a ‘Mother’s Day theme’. 
  • Made from sturdy cardboard.
  • Hand-printed to order.
  • Cost £24 each before shipping.

The puzzle can also be presented in a silver tin at an additional cost if you wish.


These puzzles are hand-printed to order which takes on average 1-3 days from the time of order. There are a range of shipping options.

In the UK:

  • Royal Mail 1st Class Standard (no tracking) – 1-5 working days on average (please note that this can take up to 15 working days in exceptional circumstances).
  • Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded (no tracking) – Usually delivered the next working day. It is not a guaranteed next day service, or a tracked service. A signature is required. (Please note that this can take up to 15 working days in exceptional circumstances).
  • Special Delivery – Delivered the next working day.
  • Saturday Delivery (deliver only on Sat)

For international orders or large/bulky packages within the UK, items are shipped via DHL or Fedex services. This takes on average 2-5 working days.

I can confirm, from my own experience, that recent orders I have made have taken just over a week from placing the order, the good being printed in the UK and receiving the items here in Italy, Europe.

Where To Purchase Heart-Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles

Each of the heart-shaped jigsaw puzzles above link to a purchase page with more information. You can see all six puzzles together here.

Other Heart-shaped Products

Yellow earrings in a heart-shaped tin with a yellow design on the lid
Playing With Chrysanthemums Earrings

There are many other beautiful products available from my Contrado store, many with a heart theme. These include sweetheart tins, heart-shaped hot water bottles and gorgeous earrings or single heart necklaces or triple disc necklaces, each presented in a heart-shaped tin.

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