Give Me The Strength

Give Me The Strength

A look at my painting ‘Give Me The Strength’ which is inspired by the war in Ukraine.

Give Me The Strength

Inspired To Paint

I have talked before about being inspired to paint by world events. But my inspiration often stems from tears and frustration. Let’s face it, there is only so much we can do. As an individual we can’t physically change what we see unfolding in front of us. No matter how much we want to. We can donate, we can sign petitions, or organize special events to raise funds. We can send positive vibes for peace and happiness for all beings. Each contribution must count for something, right? Even if it is only small.

As an artist, I have an outlet for the frustration by painting and writing.

For example, in 2016 I wrote a short poem ‘Tears for Aleppo’ which grew out of my despair and helplessness at the situation there at the time. I had just watched a young child trying to stop a younger sibling from falling for a roof, devastated by a bomb. She failed and I cried and cried and raged at the sky. My outlet for those feelings of frustration and rage were an illustrated poem with my photo art image ‘And The Angel Played A Violin.

And The Angel Played A Violin 

In a more recent blog I wrote about my painting Protect the Children I explored how this painting was a response to the situation in Afghanistan. I watched children standing in sewage with their parents, queuing in the hope of being able to escape on an airplane. I watched mothers trying to hand their babies up to solders in the hope of saving them. Again I cried and was driven to produce a painting about it.

Protect The Children

Once again, in 2022, finding myself horrified by world events and particularly the war in Ukraine, I felt compelled to put my feelings into a painting. Again featuring an angel, this time using a red poppy field which is a symbol of remembrance. This is the result ‘Give Me The Strength’.

Give Me The Strength


I wrote a short poem to accompany the painting.

Amidst the horror of war and the slaughter of the innocent, a tired angel kneels in a poppy field and prays to the heavens above as follows.

Give me the strength to carry on. To comfort the sick and dying. Help me stand with the wounded, the tortured and those in pain. To support those who have lost their loved ones. Comfort children who have lost their parents. But also to be there for the perpetrators. To try to show them the light and the path of goodness. Because something has to change.

(c) 2022 Dorothy Berry-Lound

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