Glass Tealight Holders Make Pretty Home Decor Items

Glass Tealight Holders Advert
Glass tealight holders make pretty home decor items. I have some beautiful ones available from my Contrado store.

Glass Tealight Holders Make Pretty Home Decor Items

Artistic Tealight Holders

The joy of these tealight holders, decorated with my acrylic paintings, is that they look gorgeous during the day, not just at night when the tealight is lit. They are available in a round or tapered style and you can buy them singly or in packs of three. A group of three might look quite attractive on a table, or maybe several in different styles on a mantle or window ledge. You also have a choice of scent with the candle. I would be delighted to be gifted one of these, wouldn’t you?
decorative glass tealight holders
Glass Tealight Holders Advert

Practical And Pretty

In our house we tend to use the battery operated tealights these days because of the animals. But we still have a few scented candles too, out of reach of whiskers! Because of my Sjogrens Syndrome my eyes struggle with bright lights so these tealight holders add soft, ambient lighting with a touch of colour, that doesn’t make my eyes and head hurt.

Find Out More

You can find out more about these glass tealight holders go to my Contrado storefront.

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