Goodbye 2022 and Hello 2023

A ginger cat lays on top of a pile of logs in the sunshie. His paws are tucked in and his tail curled around. He is looking at the viewer with bright eyes and pricked ears.

Goodbye 2022 and hello 2023 – where does the time go? As we get older, Barnet Boy and I say that a lot. Here is a quick personal look back at 2022 and some hopes for 2023.

Goodbye 2022 and Hello 2023

Art And Writing


An abstract with predominantly shades of yellow, purple, red and green with overlapping shapes and layers. Dotted lines suggest pathways or footsteps
Steps To Peace

In 2022, I continued to learn and develop my photo art skills, trying new programmes on my computer and driving Barnet Boy crazy shrieking when things went wrong! I bought a new painting software programme that has enabled to me to produce some interesting new digital abstracts. A decent amount of time was invested on YouTube, in particular, watching art tutorials.

I spent a lot more time in my studio than in previous years exploring some of the new art techniques I had come across. These include developing the idea of acrylic pours further than I had done before. And a new technique of layering paint using a plasterers trowl or squeegee – one of the most exhausting methods of painting I have ever tried. All documented in my blog of course!

I opened a print store on Art Heroes (formerly OhMyPrints) and am thoroughly enjoying uploading my work there. The ability to make high quality prints available to my art buyers in Europe, with free or reduced shipping costs, makes me happy. This is an exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to seeing how my work with the store develops in 2023.

I also opened a store on Contrado in the UK which gave me the option to offer my beautiful abstract works on a variety of high quality products.

An abstract painting featuring shades of blue and orange with hints of purple. Blue rises up from the bottom of the piece in streaks and bubbles as orange descends from the top and they meet in the middle.


A Blog Per Day In January

This time last year I was writing my first blog post of January marathon (blogathon?). I set myself the task of writing a blog a day for the whole first month of the year. I was full of enthusiasm and confident I would find it easy. As my blog summarizing the experience says, I must have been nuts to even have thought of doing it. But I learned a great deal from the experience. I remember I had been doing it for less than a week when I had a huge dip in motivation and struggled to find things to write about. Then I hit a stream of good ideas and picked up momentum again.


This is my summary of the experience (quoted directly from my review blog):

A review of my blog stats shows that views on my blog more than doubled, as did most of the other stats. There was a significant increase in search engine referrals for my blog. Also an increase in the clicks from my blog to my main art website. Not to mention an increase in comments, followers and shares across social media.

Along the way I have met some lovely new people, including some very supportive fellow bloggers. I have learned such a lot, including from the blogs I read while supporting other bloggers. Some great new recipes, books to read, dreams of travel destinations and some thought provoking posts that really made me stop and think.

I will be honest and say it was a relief on day 32 to get up and relax rather than produce another blog. But I really enjoyed the process. I am now committing to producing a blog when I want to, which is still several times per week as it turns out. And even every day sometimes if I get inspired!

Guest Blogging
A collage of images of Italian archways, shades of brown with arches showing light and shade, all in a black grid.
Italian Archways Collage – available as a jigsaw puzzle

I continued my guest blogger activities during 2022, including for Bill Swartout’s Jigsaw Puzzle Art Site. 2022 also turned out to be a time for new collaborations. For example, I wrote my first article for Il Mio Salotto Magazine, entitled ‘Do You See What I See?‘. It was an exploration of how we each see things differently and how differing things impact on our interpretation of an art piece. My guest blogging will continue with the New Year of course!

Bonfire Of The Accounts

I spent a lot of time, in the latter part of 2022, considering how I wanted to continue with my interaction with Social Media and some of the other online activities I was involved in. In the end, I decided to focus on things that made me happy. This led to a massive closure of my social media accounts and other accounts that I felt no longer served me. This included closing my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, a few other minor Social Media platforms and some art accounts. Once the decision was taken it was easy and it was quite cathartic closing the accounts and walking away from them. I now just focus on Facebook and Mastodon and am much happier for it. I also retained my YouTube Channel. My plan for 2023 is to continue in the same vein, avoiding a scattergun approach and time wasting activities. And I intend to only get involved in things that make me happy.

Ringo And Cancer

a cute dog looking at the camera with the words hey dude
Ringo Says Hey Dude!

The biggest thing to come right out of the blue in 2022 was our dog Ringo’s diagnosis of Lymphoma. That was in July and basically his treatment has dominated our activities since then. In my blog I have diaried the trauma of the diagnosis and being given a 6-8 week prognosis without treatment. Having gone through a splenectomy, Ringo then started a course of chemotherapy which I am also documenting. But hey, here we are, January 2023 and he is still with and, to all intents and purposes, healthy and enjoying life.

Death Of Hogie

A ginger cat lays on top of a pile of logs in the sunshie. His paws are tucked in and his tail curled around. He is looking at the viewer with bright eyes and pricked ears.

We lost one of our troop of cats in 2022, Hogie, the most gorgeous, friendly ginger cat gentleman you are ever likely to meet. He had some sort of accident, the details of which we will never know, but it left him paralysed in the tail and back legs. After a few days of trying to improve his condition we had no choice but to have him euthanized. I still look for him at cat feeding time and I am sure I can feel him rubbing round my legs like he used to.

My Health

2022 marked the year when I finally found some great doctors to support me with my various illnesses. As regular viewers of my blog will know, I have Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens Syndrome, Antiphospholipid Syndrome among other things. So it was a year when I was able to stabilise these conditions. Unfortunately, as the year progressed another issue surfaced which, right in the last few days of 2022, was diagnosed as Eagle Syndrome. 2023 will be the year to get that sorted!

Goodbye 2022 And Hello 2023 We Have High Hopes

We have high hopes for 2023. There are so many problems in the world that need to resolve, maybe this will be the year that the human race comes to its senses over so many issues. Perhaps we will buck the trend and politicians and those in positions of power will finally learn the lessons of the past.

For us personally, we focus on holding a positive vibration, developing ourselves further as human beings and looking after our animals. And doing the best we can to be the best we can be.

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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