Hado Healing Energy in Art Form

Hado Healing Energy
Hado Energy 19

The concept of Hado healing energy has existed in Japan for centuries and has inspired me to create a digital series of images exploring the concept. Hado energy is not to be confused with the Hado augmented reality game which is a whole different thing! In this blog, I explain what Hado healing energy is and the history of science related to it. I then introduce the concept behind my new art series.

Exploring Hado Healing Energy in Art Form

Hado Healing Energy
Hado Energy 8

What is Hado?

The actual Japanese word ‘Hado’ means wave, motion or vibration. Energetic vibrations that are in all things, animate and inanimate. Our thoughts create energetic waves that affect our physical realities. The more positive thoughts we have, the more positive energy we create around us. This affects everyone and everything that comes into contact with us. We can be stimulated positively or negatively by that energy, changing our mood. Music, spoken or written word and art can also stimulate people in this way. Positive Hado energy can promote healing which particularly interests me given my work in the field of healing art.

Pioneer of Hado

“Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.” – Dr Masaru Emoto 

Dr Masaru Emoto is famous for his work with the concept of Hado, particularly in relation to water. He first started his explorations in this field in 1943. His research in the field of water and how it responds to stimuli is very interesting. I was first introduced to the concept with his book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ which I found fascinating.

Hado Healing Energy
Hado Energy 18

Effect of Energy on Water

Dr Emoto has carried out many scientific experiments to prove the impact of energetic stimuli, positive and negative, on frozen water crystals. He has many electron-microscope photos to back his claims. The photos show beautiful hexagonal crystals whenever the water is clean and healthy, especially after positive thoughts, words, music or prayers have been sent to it; but distorted patterns when the water is impure or unhealthy having been subjected to negativity. His many experiments have proved that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. This is a simplistic explanation but if you would like to learn more I would recommend his book.

This is not so hard to understand when we think about it and apply it to our own situations. We all know what it is like to be with someone with positive energy, we feel energized and buoyed up ourselves by them. Equally, we know people who are negative in their outlook who can dampen our mood.

Hado Healing Energy

It is not such a big leap of understanding to realise that if we are affected by our own mood energies and those of people around us, we can apply that knowledge positively. Thus the concept of Hado can be used in a healing modality.

My Hado Energy Art Series

Hado Healing Energy
Hado Energy 19

With my new series of images I have set out to explore the concept of Hado healing energy visually. I use linking shapes, wave forms and suggestion of energetic vibration through colour. Some of the colours and effects compliment each other and some pull away from each other creating a friction. It is how I imagine positive and negative energies to work. I have talked before in my blog about the impact of colour on both the viewer and the artist creating the piece. I have used colour carefully in this new series. Each image depicts a subtle thought form or mood issuing energy.

Here is a short YouTube video presenting the whole series.

My Hado Energy Series is available exclusively from Pictorem.

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  1. Interesting, Dorothy. A lot of the same studies have been done with plants. Same results. I would always gravitate toward light teal/aqua or like mint green – the main color of my aura.

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