How Sunset Lighting Can Make Florals Magical

sunset lighting
Magical Iris Sunset

Last night I the sunset lighting combined with the beautiful iris on my land to create an magical scene. I actually went out to take a photograph of the sunset but instead found myself captivated by the effect of the light on my banks of iris!

Sunset Lighting
Sunset Dreaming

The Effect Of Sunset Lighting

May Is Best For Sunsets

Where I live here in Central Italy, May is really the best month for sunsets. That is just my opinion, you understand. But it is based on 21 years of sitting, looking, admiring and yes, photographing, sunsets here in my patch of the world.

What is it about May sunsets? Well there are usually clouds in the sky and the sun is at a particular angle that creates setting sun rays through the clouds. The sun also sets over a particular part of local rural countryside that lends itself to a good photograph. For me, as the sun moves in the sky the scenes created by the sunset are less interesting, albeit the skies can glow bright pink and the sun can be a red orb in the sky.

I Set Out To Catch The Sunset

As you do, I saw the light changing outside and knew it would be a good sunset. There were some rain clouds, the sun was already throwing rays through the clouds. And that is when it happened.

I noticed the effect of the pink sunset lighting on my banks of blue iris. And it was captivating. I stopped watching the sunset and started to watch the changing light on the iris blooms.

The pink from the sun created all shades of lilac purple in my pale blue iris and the light shining through the petals just added to the magic. It was a ‘no-brainer’ that this would make a good photograph and ultimately a pretty picture. And so it did!

sunset lighting
Magical Iris Sunset

Captured By A Cat

Somewhere in this process our cat Sandy attached herself to me and decided she would be my assistant. Hmmmmmm. She got bored of just trying to trip me up by laying in front of me and started to climb my leg, hanging on to my trousers. Being ever the trooper I took the photograph before disentangling her from my person.

Sunset Lighting Mixed With Shadows

I have to thank Sandy though, because as I got her claws out of my trousers, cuddled her and put her back on the ground I looked up in the opposite direction to where I had been facing. And was struck with the effect of the sunset lighting mixed with shadows on my banks of iris as they disappeared into the distance.

sunset lighting
My Secret Iris Garden

As you can see, the iris in front had a pink iridescence and glow from the effect of the sunset but the iris in the far distance were in shadow. The contrast was pleasing to the eye as is the final picture created from the photograph. A lovely magical early evening and lovely memories.

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