How To Re-use Your Blog Content Part Four

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Enjoying The Spring Sunshine

Previously in this series of articles I have looked at various ways to re-use your blog content. In this final article, Part Four, I want to look at using blog content to create other articles including guest blogging.

Why Re-use Blog Content?

Blogs take time to write and often need some research. Well written blogs, with so-called ‘evergreen content’ allow the opportunity for existing material in a different way in order to attract a wider audience. As explored in earlier articles in this series, as well as refreshing existing blog material and keeping it up-todate, a blog can also provide material for a video or for an e-publication.

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Writing for Others

There are opportunities for writing for other bloggers and publications though sometimes that requires stepping outside your comfort zone. In some cases it is possible to use part of existing blog content to underpin an article for another.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to build your expertise and reputation by working with other established bloggers. It is important not to repeat your blog content but to perhaps take extracts and build on them. Or take a particular theme and then explore it in more detail.

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Enjoying The Spring Sunshine


For example, I occasionally write something for Katzenworld like this story about Stevie Mouse. It was based on previous blog posts and pulled together nicely as a story. This is one of a series of stories and articles about Stevie Mouse, all fueled by my blog. I used the information in the blogs to write a book and Stevie also has several videos.

All of my cat rescue stories and short stories will also feature in a new Podcast that I am hoping to launch soon. Yet another way of re-using blog content.

Our Arts Magazine

Another example is Our Arts Magazine where I have contributed several articles on healing art and also, more recently, one on marketing art on Facebook. The latter was based on a blog post. Here is a YouTube video that I created based on the original blog (which was mentioned in the guest blog).

The only thing missing from this collection about marketing art on Facebook is a give away PDF – on the list for the future!

Other Writing Opportunities

For several years I wrote a quarterly column for CQ International Magazine. This allowed me to cross-seed my articles and blog posts. The magazine had a quarterly theme and sometimes there was something in a blog post that was perfect that I could rework and use. Other times I had to research something for the magazine that was then usable in a different form in my blog.

In Summary

Look for opportunities for guest blogging and wider writing outlets as that gives you a great opportunity to rework blog content for a different audience.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of blogs about re-using your blog content. Look out on my YouTube channel for a video that will appear shortly, summarizing the key points.

Before you go

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