How to Re-Use Your Blog Content Part Two

re-use your blog content

This is the second in a short series of blogs looking at ways you can re-use your blog content. Part One looked at editing and republishing blogs containing evergreen content. Part Two looks at creating a video based on your blog content, which is fun to do.

Reasons To Re-use Your Blog Content

Part One looked at the reasons to re-use your blog content. This included for SEO purposes. To attract people to your blog who didn’t see it the first time it was published. Recognising the time you spent writing the original blog and making the most of that by re-purposing content. And, particularly relevant to this blog for Part Two, reaching a different audience who like to see content presented in a different way.

re-use your blog content
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Videos To Showcase Your Blog Content

There are two main types of videos that you can produce to re-use your blog content.


Vlogging can be a way of blogging in itself, without having all the written content in a traditional blog. That is to say, creating original content (not the topic of this article of course). The word ‘vlog’ is short for ‘video Log’ and it is often like a ‘talking head’ video, where the vlogger talks directly to the audience. But there are many different types of vlogging.

A vlog can be another way of re-using your blog content by talking to the camera and briefly discussing the content in your written blog. You can then put the link to your detailed blog in the notes on YouTube. As a format it doesn’t really lend itself to lots of factual information though, unless you include images with words as part of the vlog. And then have to put some of the information in the notes on YouTube.

There are a lot of very successful vloggers but, given the emphasis on vlogger image and personality, it is not something every artist will feel comfortable with. We hope our art will do the talking for us!

Don’t worry, there is a better alternative for those of us too shy to sit in front of the camera.

Creating Video Blog Summaries

People love videos and factual blogs lend themselves wonderfully to a video format.

You can create the videos yourself using your own software or there are on-line programs that take the pain out of the process for you. Here is one I created so you can see how a blog summary video might look.

I use Lumen 5 free account to create my videos. Note that I do not receive any benefit in mentioning them, it is just a program I have tried and liked. There are others.

The process is straightforward and starts with the URL of your original blog. The program pulls in the content onto a storyboard screen. I upload the same images I used in the original blog (with my copyright) as I always use my artwork to illustrate my blogs. But there is a media library of images should you need them. You select a style for the blog and then start highlighting the relevant text, cutting it down to size and placing it on the image. A lot of the work is done for you. As a final touch, you can add music to your video to bring it to life.

You can read the original blog on which the video was based here. It is fun to compare the two!

Videos Are A Great Way Of Presenting Blog Content

To recap, lots of people like to watch videos. Some are more likely to watch a video than read a written blog. So videos can attract audiences to you and your blog that otherwise might never show an interest.  Introducing your blog content using a vlog format works for some but for others speaking to a camera can be a big ask. But there are available programmes that will help you easily convert your written blog into a video format.

In my next blog I will look at how to turn your blog content into a publication.

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