How To Support An Artist Without Spending Money

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Moody Purple Iris

How to support an artist without spending money is a question I was asked recently. More specifically, how could someone help support my work when they couldn’t afford to buy something?

Here are my ideas on how to do just that, focusing on social media.

How To Support An Artist Without Spending Money

I am focusing here on support via social media. There are other ways of support of course, like going to local art shows to provide support, making suggestions to friends who are looking to buy gifts etc. But I am focusing here on how to support an artist without spending money and just using social media.

Moody Purple Iris

Three Ideas For Supporting Artists On Social Media

Share On Social Media

Any artist will tell you that getting their work seen on social media is very hit and miss. The Facebook algorithm, for example, means that only a small percentage of someone’s followers actually see their posts. So, if followers like what they see and repost or share it that makes a huge difference! Find your favorite artist’s Facebook page, for example, and follow it (mine is listed below) and start sharing.

The Little Shepherd Boy

Commenting On Social Media

Another way of helping getting posts seen is to like and comment what you see. So, if I post a new image for sale on Facebook and it gets lots of likes and comments it will actually be seen by more people. Positive comments also make an artist feel good about their work. It is quite scary putting your artwork out into the world so all support is welcome.

a soft spot for cows
The Long Walk Home

Reading And Commenting On Blog Posts

Many artists, like me, have blogs and again these get more promotion through search engines if they receive comments. I usually post my latest blog on my art pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The blogs take quite a bit of work and it is lovely to see that people have read them and enjoyed them. Some people, like me, write about a whole range of subjects, not just art. My topics include travel, Central Italy, cat health, autoimmune diseases, reuse and up-cycling of household objects etc.

By following these tips you might be surprised what you learn, as well as supporting the artist. Why not give it a go?

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My name is Dorothy Berry-Lound an artist and writer. You can find out more about my art and writing at

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Thank you for reading!

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  1. A really good reminder of the easiest and most effective ways to support artists. Lots of my friends are artists so, I do try to promote and support artists in every way I can.

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