I Made A Decoration With Old Jewellery

decoration with old jewellery
The final product

On a complete whim I made a decoration with old jewellery. I was sitting looking at a pile of jewellery items that were left after I had taken the rest to the a charity shop. I had kept some of my favourite earrings. Regretfully my ears have decided that earrings are not in my repertoire any longer as they have started to react to the silver. Only I could have developed an intolerance to silver!!! I am a great re-user of items, something that I have talked about several times in my blog. Including converting an old candle holder for a succulent display.

A Decoration with Old Jewellery

I wanted to be able to display the earrings in my bedroom. There was also a silver bangle with bells and suddenly inspiration struck. I had some jewellery wire left over from some of my beading experiments and decided to put that to good use.

Cleaning the Jewellery

Before I started I did clean the jewellery with a silver polishing cloth. I knew that once I had fixed it all together it was going to be hard to clean. Once it was all shiny I got started.

Creating the Wire Frame

The first thing I did was wire across the top of the bangle so that it was divided into quadrants. Then I created the hanging wire to which that was anchored. I had a large heart-shaped bracelet clasp that I used to hang the decoration.

decoration with old jewellery
Finishing touches

Attaching the Earrings

Finally, I spent ages working out how I wanted to present the earrings and attaching them to the bangle. I used a combination of wire and the existing hooks on the earrings to make them secure.

decoration with old jewellery
The final product

A little bit of adjustment on the hanging wire so it hung level and there it was. A decoration with old jewellery that now needed to be hung somewhere!

Hanging the Decoration

a decoration with old jewellery
In Situ

I knew I wanted the decoration to hang in the bedroom and I came up with the perfect place. We have a large mandala hanging on a pole at the back of the bed and my new decoration fit perfectly on the end.

I was left with sore fingers but a cute new decoration in the bedroom. Now I just have to turn my attention to the pile of old spoons that I want to turn into a windchime. The subject of my next blog!

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