I Made a Wind Chime out of Old Spoons

I made a wind chime out of old spoons. I said I was going to try it in my last blog and today I got around to it!

I Made a Wind Chime out of Old Spoons

In the Mood for Decluttering

We have been decluttering and giving things to charity shops for a few months now. Call it an extended spring clean! But some of the things we have turfed out from the darkest corners of the house I have actually re-used/upcycled. I have mentioned before turning an old wall candle holder into something to display succulents. I also re-used a bedside cabinet for another succulent display after the dogs wrecked it.

Actually I still have the companion bedside cabinet and the shelf part of an old corner unit that I am working on. They will be part of our bedroom furniture when I have finished with them. Of course they will be the subject of a future blog. Let me just say it involves white paint and purple metallic paint.

The Spoons

I made a wind chime out of old spoons
The Spoons

I am currently working on de-cluttering the dining room. I haven’t been able to get in there all winter as a strong wind wrecked my plastic greenhouse in November. All my overwintering succulents had to be brought inside and they took up the dining room table, furniture tops and window ledges. Now the weather has improved they have gone outside so I can get to work.

I started on the drawers in the two dressers. And I found a treasure trove of old spoons and cutlery. Some of the cutlery that made sets has been parcelled up for charity but there were a few spoons that I hung on to. The six wire wrapped spoons with coloured beads lend themselves beautifully to the idea of a wind chime.

Making the Frame

Three spoons make the frame

I knew that the six wire wrapped spoons would hang round the edge and the dumpier carved silver spoon would hang in the middle. Then I had the bright idea to use three long handled ice cream spoons to make the frame at the top. I used glue to fix the spoons in position and then reinforced it with wire wrapping.

Suspending the Spoons

The String

I have a lot of string left from cat litter bags. Yes you heard that correctly. The cat litter we buy has string across the top and we very carefully remove it so we can reuse it. It is helpful for tying things up in the garden. And for hanging spoons it turns out.

It was easy enough to make the string for each spoon roughly the same length. It was also easy to tie the string to the spoons and the spoon support I had made. When they were in the right place I used a touch of glue just to keep them where I wanted them

The final touch was using the carved spoon (which has a cat carved into it). I used the existing black ribbon it was suspended on and tied it all into place. I was able to use the black ribbon to suspend the finished wind chime.

I Made a wind chime out of old spoons
Spoon Wind Chime

The Finished Wind Chime

It was surprisingly easy to make and I am really pleased with it. And as you can hear from this short video, it actually has a pleasant sound. Now I just need to decide where it will hang permanently. A nice problem to have considering I made a wind chime out of old spoons!

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