I Am Stevie Mouse

I Am Stevie Mouse
Looking Through From the Other Side

As mentioned in earlier blogs I have published a book about Stevie Mouse called ‘I Am Stevie Mouse’.

I Am Stevie Mouse

Why Did It Take So Long To Write?

I didn’t learn from previous experience

I Am Stevie Mouse
Cat Fancy

Writing the book ‘I Am Stevie Mouse‘ was an interesting experience and I learnt a lot from it. I worked for 30 years as a consultant and wrote a very large number of publications in that time. I always had a plan, an outline for the book, then a structure then a deadline I worked to and I always delivered on time.  With this book that all went out of the window!

I had too many photographs and too many stories

I think one of the problems was that I had so many photos to choose from.  They are not all good photos by any means as you tend to take snapshots with kittens when they are running around. The other problem was that I had far too much material and was too close to it to be able to step back and just write the story.

I got sidetracked

I Am Stevie Mouse
Looking Through From the Other Side

In the end I started writing a much longer book about the colony of cats that live here at the house with the Stevie Mouse story as part of it. I got a long way into that but each day a new thing happened that provided a new story for the book and it was never ending.

A light bulb moment

One day it occurred to me that I had approached the book in the wrong way. I cut my material back to the basic ‘I Am Stevie Mouse’ story, saving the rest of what I had written for the next book. I was brutal in going through and just picking pictures that illustrated the story rather than trying to cram in all my favorites. And do you know what? It took no time at all to pull together.

What Is The Story?

The book is not written for young children, it is written for older children and adults. It addresses themes of loss, abandonment and adjusting to what life throws at you. This short introductory video tells you the story behind the book.

Where You Can Purchase The Book

The book is standard portrait, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm, 20 pages of words illustrated with my images and available as from my Blurb store. I have allowed a full preview of the book so you can see what you are purchasing.

Now the book has been published I can stop feeling guilty at not finishing it and start work on the next one. That is quite liberating!

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

My name is Dorothy Berry-Lound an artist and writer. You can find out more about my art and writing at https://dorothyberryloundart.com.

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Thank you for reading!

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