Interior Decor Video Showing Wall Art In Situ

Interior decor video
Framed example of Misty Morning in Venice

A short blog today looking at my interior decor video showing wall art in situ.

Interior Decor Video Showing Wall Art in Situ

Why Show Wall Art In A Room Mock Up?

While it can be overused, showing wall art in a room mock up can help customers imagine how a piece might look in their own home. I have a page of my website ‘My Art In Your Room?‘ devoted to the subject. I offer a facility to allow someone to see how a piece might look in their own room (more information on my website).

How Different Can One Image Look?

Let’s take one picture and three examples. This piece is called ‘Misty Morning in Venice‘ and here you can see it presented in three different ways.

The first image allows you to see the detail of the piece. Concrete steps leading down to abandoned gondolas tied to wooden boat pilings. There is a pink tinge to the swirling fog.

The second image suggests how the piece might look framed (double matted with a grey frame but this is just one example). The detail is maybe not quite so clear but you get an idea of how the piece might be presented (bearing in mind the range of formatting options available).

Finally the third image shows how a large print of the image might look in a living room setting. While you can’t see the detail as well as the first image, you get an impression how the piece might look when you stand back in a room and look at it. For guidance purposes only, obviously.

All three ways of presenting the image are perfectly valid, but if a customer is trying to decide how a piece might look at home, you can’t beat the in situ suggestion. And that is where interior decor videos showing wall art in situ (suggested room mock ups) comes in.

Interior Decor Videos

On my YouTube Channel I have a large number of videos of my art work but this one shows how some of my work might look in a room setting. I think it works well, what do you think?

Of course some of my work is available on other products. This short little video shows one of my Barnie Paw Print Designs on home decor, clothing and personal items.

When I market my work I tend to mix things up a bit. Sometimes I just show the image, sometimes a room mock up, sometimes a collage etc. Just to ring the changes. In one of my earlier blogs ‘Make a Powerful Statement With Interior Decor Choices‘ I talked about a great Facebook group for Interior Designers and home decorators.┬áHere many of the images are presented how they might look in situ.

Which way of presenting my work do you prefer?

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  1. beautifully explained, Dorothy!!!! I especially like your advice of showing the image natural and in the room … but also well framed. Excellent. i’ve tweeted your article.

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