Is Every Day Really The Same?

a cute dog looking at the camera with the words hey dude
Ringo Says Hey Dude!

A conversation with Barnet Boy recently led me to ask myself, is every day really the same?

Is Every Day Really The Same?

Barnet Boy Set Me Thinking

I asked BB what are we going to do tomorrow? His response was epic. We will do what we do every day, we will get up, we will eat, we will walk the dogs, I will make music, you will make pictures, we will do the crossword and go to bed. Said as he was disappearing from the room.

Wow, that sounds boring? But is it? And is every day really the same?

Elements of each day that are the same

I can’t argue with the fact that we get out of bed, at some point we wash, we eat, the dogs have to be walked and we go to bed. And yes we do a crossword every evening. But each day is so much more than that!

Enjoying The Wildlife

I love laying in bed in the morning before we all get up, listening to the birds singing. Because of where we live each day involves wildlife at some point and it is never boring. Be it a bird I have never seen before. Or perhaps one acting differently to normal.

sunset lighting
Magical Iris Sunset

How many more iris have the porcupine managed to eat in the night? This is being written in the middle of a dreadful heatwave and drought, so the poor little things are hungry. I don’t begrudge them their meal! Have they and/or the badgers managed to dig into the compost bin?

Will we see the doe and her babies today? And perhaps the stag (big Daddy). The wild boar are endless entertainment, particularly the little ones play fighting. They make a lot of noise! Every day there is something new with them.

If I am lucky I might catch a glimpse of our elusive pine marten.

Enjoying The Countryside

perfect start to my day
View From Our Back Terrace

With the wonderful views we have there is never a dull moment. We can see farmers working in the fields, yachts on the lake way off in the distance. Para gliders, hot air balloons and much more. As the seasons change different parts of the view become more prominent. I love the poppy fields in May, large swathes of red in among the fields. Then July is fields and fields of sunflowers.

In festa season (and where there isn’t a drought) we can sit and watch fireworks in the distance in the evening and listen to music drifting towards us on the breeze.

Enjoying Our Pets

a tabby cat asleep on a wall
I Can Sleep Anywhere

What will the cats get up to? I was just out doing some gardening before it got too hot and our boss cat, Lupino, brought me a dead cicada as a gift. Lovely! Yesterday he chased poor Hogie up a tree. The other day, Treacle came to find me as he had a grass seed in his eye. He sat very quietly and patiently as I cleaned his eye and removed it. I wrote about the danger of grass seeds in an earlier blog.

Enjoying Our Artistic Endeavors

I spend time each day working on my art, usually on the computer creating photoart. Several times a week I am in my studio with music blaring, dancing around, the smell of incense wafting as I make a dreadful mess and get covered in paint. And I produce something that I hope will make someone’s heart smile.

A green and blue abstract painting

BB disappears to his music room, singing folk songs or composing something new. And then I get to sit and listen and give him feedback.

Sometimes we work together on something combining my art with his music.

Does all this sound boring to you? I would ask you to consider, dear reader, we do not have television or radio. And yet we fill our days with all manner of interesting stuff. I guess what this is all about is living in the moment.

No-one Expects The Unexpected

Then there are the days when things go wrong. I might get sick (Fibromyalgia flares often take me by surprise). One of the animals might have eaten something they shouldn’t and I spend some of my day wandering around cleaning up after them.

We get surprises like strange traffic on our white top (dirt) road. The other week it was a family loaded down with luggage with two donkeys equally loaded. They were on a pilgrimage to Assisi it transpired. Then a few days ago an enormous coach drove along our narrow, twisty white top road. Luckily we watched from the house, good luck to anyone who actually met them on the road!

a cute dog looking at the camera with the words hey dude
Ringo Says Hey Dude!

We are currently reeling from an upset with our dog Ringo. He had difficulty breathing for a while one night and I took him to the vet for a check up. Turned out that was a chronic bronchitis but not bad enough to treat. But the examinations he had found that he had a growth on his spleen and now he has to have major surgery to remove it.

So, is every day really the same? Not so much in my opinion!

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