Italy’s First Feline Construction Apprentice

It Is Cement To Be

Today we interview Italy’s first feline construction apprentice, Tippy. We look at how his appointment was made, what the work involves and his aspirations for the future.

Italy’s First Feline Construction Apprentice

The biggest problem I had was reaching the levers to operate the cement mixer

says Tippy.

Hopes and Dreams

Tippy, a grey and white tabby cat, had always wanted to be a builder since he was a small kitten. But the opportunity had never arisen. As he dug holes in the Italian landscape and in Mummy’s garden, he dreamed of doing so much more. He knew he could achieve great things if he was just given a chance.

Feline Construction Apprentice

And one day that chance came, when a group of builders came to the house. They thought they had enough people for the job. But then they decided they were in need of furry assistance. Tippy was immediately appointed as Italy’s first feline construction apprentice in charge of the cement mixer. His salary included sharing the meat from the builder’s lunchtime sandwich. His contract allowed for regular naps of course.

The day he was signed on as an apprentice, Tippy held a party for his friends and family. The cement mixer was blessed with ceremonial urination. Tippy’s footprints in the concrete added a certain mystique to the final build.

A tabby and white cat sits on a cement mixer, he has just been made Italy's first feline construction apprentice
It Is Cement To Be

Future Plans

Tippy now hopes to continue his training and become a qualified builder, the first in his family. His Mum, Scruffy, is very proud of him.

Based on a piece originally written by me for Bored Panda in 2018

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