Keep Warm In Style With Hot Water Bottles

An advert for two different types of hot water bottles with designer covers

How do you keep warm in style? Well here is a creative idea – hot water bottles! I have been busily creating covers for these modern versions of an old classic for my Contrado store. I talked about my Contrado store in an earlier blog.

Keep Warm In Style

How Long Ago Were Hot Water Bottles Introduced?

Did you know the first patented hot water bottle was in 1903? But of course the idea for them goes back thousands of years. Although we are used to rubber or plastic-type bottles, in the past they have been ceramic or metal pan bed warmers, just to mention two.

Versatile Use

We tend to think of hot water bottles as something we use in bed, but of course they can keep you warm during the day wherever you are. In these days of saving energy they are a great alternative to electric blankets and heating pads. There is also a trend towards them being seen as a luxury item, appearing in hotels and guest houses. They have been long been used for camping. As with most things, the only thing that stops you finding a use for them is your imagination!

Hot Water Bottles With My Designs

An advert for two different types of hot water bottles with designer coversThere are two types of hot water bottle that I have available in my Contrado store. The first is a cute heart shape – that comes with the bottle and cover complete. The second is a more rectangular shape and for these you have a choice of with or without the bottle – I love the idea you can ring the changes by swapping the cover on them so if you can’t decide between designs you can buy two. For both types, the cover is made with a washable, soft and snugly Sherpa fleece.

Purchase Links:

Buy the heart shaped hot water bottles here.

Buy the rectangular hot water bottles and a range of covers here

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