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Vegetable Kitchen Collage

We spend a large amount of time in our kitchens. I know I do! And have you noticed how when you have guests they tend to congregate there too? As well as cooking and food storage, many modern kitchens provide eating areas for the family. So the kitchen really is the heart of the home and the art you display there is important. What wall decor hangs on your kitchen walls?

Kitchen Design Trends

What Are The Trends For 2018?

Pizza Pane Dolci

In 2017 Black and white as a trend was very popular, according to Elle Decor, the monochromatic colour scheme provides a crisp, clean, feel. But watch out 2018 as Elle Decor reports it is time to say goodbye monochrome! The colour trends for 2018 are heavy on Ultra-Violet (Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 – see my related blog post). Blue and green kitchen cabinets, dark worktops and mix and match colours are the way to go. And, something that makes me happy as suddenly my kitchen is ‘trendy’, the inclusion of high contrast marble.

With all this use of colour, 2018 provides a real opportunity to add some artistic statements on the wall with the use of wall art.

How Much Is Spent On A Kitchen Upgrade?

Vegetable Kitchen Collage

It is amazing how much money people are prepared to spend on a kitchen upgrade. The Houzz 2017 Kitchen Trends Study looked at how people upgrade and how much they spend. The average spend was €25,000-£50,000. If you are going to spend large amounts of money on an upgrade of this central area of the house, don’t scrimp on the accessories – there is some great art available.

Of course, if you haven’t got these sums of money just decorating your existing kitchen and buying some new accessories to brighten it up are the way to go. You can revolutionise the look of a room by changing the art on the walls.

Choosing Wall Decor For The Kitchen

What Subjects Are Included In Kitchen Wall Decor?

Lunch Ingredients Collage

What sort of things are likely to feature on people’s kitchen walls? Well, predominantly food such as eggs, fruit, pasta, meat, fish and cakes. Images of drinks, for example, a jug of lemonade, a cup of tea in nice china, a bottle of wine with a full glass beside it are often popular.  Utensils often appear in kitchen decor, weighing scales (particularly traditional style), knives and forks, cooking implements and pots and pans. Images of restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros, outside eating areas etc also feature in the wall decor available to purchase.

How Do I Choose?

Rustic Display Of Tomatoes For Sale Black and White

Your art can make a bold statement of colour, or an understated homage to the kitchen design you have chosen. So, for example, in a black and white kitchen a black and white or minimal colour piece might be appropriate.

Italian Temptations

Or you can go for a really bold colour/s in contrast. You can look at colour therapy theory and choose a colour to help create a mood. I have written before about the use of the colour orange, saying that it is also a stimulating, fun, warm colour, focusing the mind on physical comfort, warmth, security, food.  So that is a good colour to consider for your kitchen accents. Above all, the important thing is that you like what you put on your walls and select something you can look at again and again.

What Is On My Kitchen Wall?

Bar Sign

I live in an old rustic farmhouse in Italy and my kitchen reflects the house – modern but with a rustic feel. The house, and our lives, revolve around our animals so my kitchen art includes a beautiful pastel sketch of a scabby old cat and a limited edition print of a cat watercolour, both of which I purchased in England. They make me happy! And I bet you thought I was going to say the walls were covered in my art.

All of the images used in blog today are available as prints, just click on the image to go to a sales page with options for print sizes and formats. The individual images used to make the collages I have shown today are also available in my kitchen art collection.

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  1. Dorothy – so well written and illustrated. About the only thing I’d like to change in our kitchen besides the cabinets is the electric stove for a gas one. Otherwise it is a large comfortable kitchen with plenty of room to prepare meals.

  2. getting ready to redo my kitchen (myself) and I may have to include some of your artwork (the cheese and bread photos might be just what this space needs!)

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