Look Out For Magical Moments

Magical Moments
The Moment of Magic

You never know when a magical moment will be in front of you. But as an artist do you stand back and savor that magical moment or grab your camera?

Magical Moments Occur All The Time

Magical moment occur all the time, we are just often too wrapped up in our daily lives, or our phones (!) to notice. Not everything is captured with our eyes, our experiences are also felt emotionally, mentally and physically.

Magical Moments Within Everyday Surroundings

Part of trying to live ‘mindfully’ involves developing that sense of awareness. There was a moment yesterday when I walked into our living room and the sun was shining through the window onto the sofa and it felt really warm. The walls were covered with rainbows from the sun catchers that hang in the window. It really was lovely.

Magical Moments
Enjoying the Breeze

Now how many times do I walk into that room intent on something and not see that beauty? If I am intent on getting something from the room, cleaning, chasing a cat out of where it shouldn’t be I can easily miss it.

It strikes me actually that the cats know what they are doing, sitting staring out of the windows.

Like this picture of our old cat Jimmy who would sit for hours at this window.

As it was I stood there allowing myself to really appreciate the moment, the sunshine and warmth on my skin, the beautiful colors of the rainbows, the lovely smell of the salted caramel candle on the coffee table.

A moment of perfection that will stay with me a long time.

Magical Moments That Creep Up On Us

I was standing on our outside porch, playing with the cats on a really frosty morning. There had been a hoarfrost so it looked like a layer of snow on the land. There was also freezing fog so all in all not the best start to the day.

But as I played with the cats, I stood up to stretch my back and all of a sudden there was a magical moment. The sun tried to break through the fog and rays of sunshine were coming through the branches of the trees in a small patch of woodland. The rays were highlighting a patch of grass.

Magical Moments
The Moment of Magic

I stood enjoying it for a moment, it really lifted my heart! Then the artist voice in my head said ‘go get the camera’. So I rushed to get my camera and was so happy that the sun rays were still coming down and I got the shot. Seconds later it disappeared.

Now, not only do I have the memory of that magical moment but I have a picture of it to always remind me of how wonderful it felt.

Look out for the magical moments. They are there if you allow yourself to see them.

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