Looking for Early Christmas Gift Inspiration?

Koi Carp Abstraction

If you are looking for early Christmas Gift inspiration then I have some ideas for you. It is a good idea to start shopping early this year given the Covid-19 restrictions. Remember everyone will be doing a lot more on-line shopping this year which could mean longer than usual production times. We have already seen disruption to shipping times too – even printing staff, warehouse operatives and delivery drivers get sick you know!

My Top 20 Best Sellers on RedBubble

A good place to start with Christmas Gift inspiration is to look at what other people have been buying. I have created a list at my RedBubble store of my top 20 best sellers – and a mixed bunch they are!

The list includes old teddy bears having a cuddle (mentioned in my recent blog celebrating National Teddy Bear Day).

Koi Carp Abstraction

Real animals (what am I saying, Teddy Bears are real…) include a lone magpie and koi carp.

Cactus Against Blue Background

There are some striking images featuring blue and yellow from my Marrakesh collection. Following the geographic theme, images from London have proved popular including a view of iconic red telephone boxes. Representing my Italian collections, my collage of Italian Wooden Doors is a frequent seller.

Hookah pipes (shisha) images have sold really well this year.

Quan Yin Compassion

One of my best sellers across all my sales sites, including RedBubble, is my image called ‘Quan Yin Compassion‘.

Popular Images Elsewhere

Floral Courtyard Cortona Tuscany

My Italian images of Cortona are popular, bringing across the mood of hot sunshine and lazy days.

Cat Spirit Guide

My cat images are also good sellers, particularly this one of Ms Stevie Mouse!

Products To Purchase

Prints are always popular, but for the Christmas season other products come into play. I am already seeing sales of notebooks, tote bags, t-shirts, throw pillows and stickers. Masks are popular both at my RedBubble site and also on ArtofWhere. I offer a range of mask designs with something for everyone from the cat lover the car enthusiast.

This year I am also offering aprons and jigsaw puzzles. With the winter coming I would imagine that the puzzles would make great Christmas gifts.

Hopefully that has got the juices flowing with Christmas gift inspiration to get you started. To see the main places I sell my work go to my website which provides an overview.

Links for Christmas gift inspiration:

List of bestsellers at RedBubble

My RedBubble Store

Art of Where Store

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