Make a Powerful Statement with Interior Decor Choices

Interior Decor Choices

How do we make sure our interior decor choices take account of the latest trends? Here are a few ideas.

Make a Powerful Statement with Interior Decor Choices

You have a budget for giving one of the rooms in the house a whole new look. You want to make a powerful statement with your interior decor choices and you want to be on trend. Where on earth do you start?

Getting on Trend

Interior Decor Choices
Misty Morning in Venice in a living room display

Well the Pantone Color of the Year is not a bad place to start when considering trends. But there are also trends by room. For example, last year kitchens were black and white, in 2018 they are much more colourful as you can read in my kitchen decor accessories blog article.

There are many websites that will provide you with information on the latest interior decor trends. For example, Elle Decor is always worth looking at. As an artist promoting wall art I am delighted to see that bare walls are out! This article by Gabrielle Savoie is one of many setting out the trends for 2018.

Pull together your ideas

It costs nothing to sit and browse the internet. You can bookmark pages as you go and print off relevant images if you are developing a storyboard/mock up for your room. Or even stay computer based and establish a Pinterest board and pin those ideas all together there. Then you can start shopping around for the items you need for your room makeover based on your plan.

Houzz of 2018 Pop Up Installation

A home renovation and design platform, Houzz is packed full of ideas and links to interior designers and specialists. Houzz have come up with a great idea for demonstrating the design trends for 2018. They have literally taken a five-storey period town house in Soho, London and had it designed from scratch by top interior designers. You can visit the house between 26-31 January 2018 (free entry) and see their interior decor choices. Click below to see what they have created in the house.


New Facebook Group for Artists and Interior Designers

I am co-administrator of a new Facebook group that has been established with a clear eye on interior design. Called ‘Trending Art for Home Decor and Interior Design‘ the group specialises in artists presenting their work in room settings. As it is often hard to envisage art and how it might look on a wall, this helps home decorators and interior designers with interior decor choices. Interior designers are free to join the group and participate in the discussions. The group welcomes ‘calls to action’ from interior designers if a particular theme is needed for a project. Click to join the group.

By the way, Facebook is making a lot of changes about how items will appear in your News Feed. If you want to keep up-to-date with the posts from your favourite interior decor ideas/artist pages (like mine) this note gives you some guidance on how to do it.

Interior Decor Ideas Using My Artwork

In my latest YouTube video I have picked some of my favourite interior decor show settings to display some of my work. All of the artwork shown is available in a variety of formats and sizes from my online gallery.

Before you go

Mid-week Reflections
Dorothy and Barnet Boy

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  1. Loved it. I am actually thinking of and trying to tone down my colors. I have had the warm Tuscan colors for years and now I am leaning towards the clean and crisp modern farmhouse. However, I still love a beautiful gold and and warm burgundy. 🙂

  2. Ah well, living in Italy the Tuscan colours are good for me but gold and warm burgundy are beautiful too. I have an old farmhouse with lots of wooden beams, terracotta floors and I have kept the walls white. Then added colour accents in soft furnishings and art on the wall (not all my art LOL). That allows me to change things by moving the accessories around or adding new ones rather than changing wall colours.

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