Medicine Buddha And Other Images This Week

Medicine Buddha
Too Tired to Wash

I am on holiday in Brighton visiting my parents but have still been posting new artwork so this is a quick round up from this week, starting with Medicine Buddha.

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha is a healer, an enlightened being, a Buddha doctor, in Mahayana Buddhism. As a Buddhist I recite his mantra daily and it is very powerful. It is also used to help the dying and is one of the mantras  used at time of death. The short form of his mantra is:


You can read more about Medicine Buddha here.


Medicine Buddha
Buddies On The Rocks

I have added two otter images to my online gallery this week.

This is my favourite of the two ‘Buddies on the Rocks’. Whereas ‘Medicine Buddha’ is a reflection of my spirituality, otters to me speak of fun and this image is no exception. One has a fish and the other one wants it.

Old Friends Not Forgotten

Medicine Buddha
Too Tired to Wash

I have had the pleasure of the company of many cats in my life, all rescues of one form or another. Juju came to live with me alongside her sister Kimberly and was very sweet natured. And as you can see in the image ‘Too Tired to Wash’ she was a pretty little thing with an orange tummy.

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