Multicolored Experimental Headache

A room view with a striking digital abstract painting in bright fiery colors

The whole Multicolored Experimental Headache digital series actually grew from an idea of creating a story about colors. I wrote a short story about how the colors tried to take over my art studio! So, it wasn’t much of a stretch to come up with a story featuring the colors for some images in a digital art series.

Multicolored Experimental Headache

The Digital Series

The series consists of 25 digital images, all based on an original series of geometric shapes. Many of the images have a little story featuring colors, explaining what I can see in the image. Below is some examples of the digital images and their story. By the way, I named the series as I did because in some ways it did turn out to be something of a headache. It was a big undertaking to produce such a large series; writing the little stories helped keep me going. But it was a relief when I had finished it I have to say.

Examples From Series

Fire Colors Have A Party

A multicolored abstract digital painting featuring geometric shapes and bright colours of orange, pink, magenta and yellow with some hints of darker shades.
Multicolored Experimental Headache 1

And the fire colors, red, yellow and orange, got together with their distant cousin purple and the black sheep of the family and decided to have a party. They found some basic digitally created geometric shapes and spread themselves around on it until they all agreed it made a very dynamic design.

Full Of Love

A multicolored abstract digital image featuring a number of digital shapes and various colours including shades of pink and green.
Multicolored Experimental Headache 2

On a day when the world awoke full of love, the shades of pink decided to celebrate this unusual event. They found some digitally created geometric forms and mingled themselves above it, with some accent colors of green, yellow and tinge of black to show them at their best.

Tiny People

A multicolored abstract digital painting featuring digital shapes with shades of brown and pink and small squares of turquoise suggesting apartment blocks.
Multicolored Experimental Headache 6

Imagine a world of tiny people living in high rise apartments who want their homes to be bright and cheery and so painted them shades of pink. Blue tones add to the architectural impression.

The Hidden Map Makers

A multicolored digital painting featuring geometric patterns with shades of sand, beige and brown, with the suggestion of map like shapes
Multicolored Experimental Headache 7

Within the shifting sands of the earth live a hidden colony of map makers. Layer upon layers of maps exist, plotting the universe and the human heart. All waiting in the depths of the earth to be discovered.

The Rain Fell

A digital painting comprising a series of geometric shapes and water colour washes in pastel shades.
Multicolored Experimental Headache 12

And when the watercolor was finished, the rain fell and all the colors gently mingled and covered all of the available surfaces.

Color Attack

A digital abstract featuring geometric shapes. Underlayers of purple, pink, yellow and orange with a top layer almost like white marble.
Multicolored Experimental Headache 14

The colors attacked fast, starting at the bottom layer and gradually working their way up through the pile. The top layer thought it was safe but it gradually felt its surface starting to change as a rash of color started to gently appear.

Repelling Invaders

A digital painting featuring geometric shapes and layers of different colours from green through black, blue to burgundy. The surface has scratches.
Multicolored Experimental Headache 18

The burgundy/magenta barrier was proving effective, in spite of some marks and scratches the invaders had not made it as far as the beautiful deep blue.

The Alien Space Craft

A swirl of yellow and pink shades creating a stripe effect across the surface
Multicolored Experimental Headache 21

A strobe light from an alien space craft hit the colors as they ran away, creating swirling patterns of mingling rainbow colors and movement as they fled.


A digital painting featuring geometric shapes, suggesting metallic surfaces with scratches and scrapes.
Multicolored Experimental Headache 23

The vandals had done their work and the colors had all been scraped away from the surface of the shapes, just revealing the bare metal. The colors hid away and regrouped ready to make a come back when the time was right.

I hope you enjoyed a quick look at my digital art series. I think the colors had fun, don’t you? You can see the full series and purchase prints at my ArtHeroes (Europe), Pictorem (North America) and RedBubble (Worldwide) stores.

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  1. This is a very interesting subject. Colour is absolutely amazing and has extremely powerful effects on our moods and perhaps our mental health. More research is needed to find out more about colour. I have always been fascinated by the emotional powers of colours and still trying to understand deeper about what makes colour so powerful. At the moment, I am writing a blog post about it. Colour is one of the main elements in creating my abstract paintings. I try to use it as the vocabularies to tell a story. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

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