My Angel Waits For Me

My Angel Waits For Me
My Angel Waits For Me

Some thoughts on my latest piece ‘My Angel Waits For Me’.


My Angel Waits For Me

I have written about Holly several times in my blog. She was my first introduction to dogs having always been a cat person. I birthed her and we bonded from the first moment. You can read more about Holly here.

Wait There Seraph

About 35 years ago I used to get a cat magazine and in the back of the magazine were listings, obituaries and messages. One month I read one that was a message in memory of a dear old cat that had passed called ‘Seraph’. The message moved me to tears as the lady had written “Wait there Seraph, Mamma won’t be long”.

Well, I started checking every month and that message appeared exactly the same for a long time. Then it stopped. And that made me weep as I realized that Mamma was now with her Seraph.

It can still bring me to tears today, the love for her best friend and how she knew they would be together again.

My Angel Waits For Me

My best friend was and is Holly. It has just been the anniversary of her death so I have thought about her even more than I usually do. I went and sat by her grave for a bit and said that I knew she was still with me and I still love her. And it struck me it was time for a new picture of Holly.

My Angel Waits For Me
My Angel Waits For Me

So I created ‘My Angel Waits For Me’, in honor of Holly, Seraph and her Mamma. Until we meet again Hols.

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