Launching My New Storefront On Contrado

A green and blue abstract painting
Hi everyone, today I am launching my new storefront on Contrado and I am so excited to share it with you.
First, I would like to explain my reason for opening this store. I paint my abstracts because they are fun to create – you can imagine me in my studio at my house in Central Italy, incense burning and music playing as I get covered in paint and have a great time. I think my artwork captures that energy. It is my hope that they make you feel good and bring a smile to your face when you see them. I also create digital abstracts that I have written about in my blog before
A green and blue abstract painting

I have two other outlets where you can easily buy a print of these abstracts for your wall, and they will look stunning. But art doesn’t just have to be on your wall. I think my abstracts lend themselves beautifully to being on high quality home decor products and accessories. And that is why I have opened my new storefront on Contrado, to be able to share more beautiful products displaying my art that you can bring into your home and make your heart smile.

Kimono Jacket and necklace with Purple and Pink Dip Fantasy

The new shop is a fusion of my art with some great fashion, home and lifestyle items. I have enjoyed creating kimono jackets, candle tealight holders, foot stools, rugs, umbrellas, jewelry, folding screens and so much more. I hope you like them!

It is, of course, a work in progress. Something worth doing is worth doing well. So I am taking my time, choosing the best products to show my artwork. Over time I will be adding more paintings as well as my digital abstract work, and the product base will grow.
Contrado is based in the UK and all products are handmade to order in a factory in West London. All printing, sewing and manufacturing processes are conducted under one roof. Can you believe that most products are ready to ship within 48 hours? And they deliver worldwide.
Furniture Items With My Abstract Designs

I was keen to find a source of products that take a strong stance on sustainability. Contrado ticks that box. There is a range of 100% vegan, natural, biodegradable, and organic products as well as items produced from recycled materials. Materials are sourced locally where possible and they use FSC certified materials.

The location of the manufacturing site is another tick in a box for me. Coming from the UK, I wanted to have a store that showcased my British roots. This provides an opportunity for my UK customers to ‘buy local’ and also for those living abroad to buy gifts for friends and family in the UK. Which brings me to the final thing I love about Contrado – you can have the items presented in gift packaging and sent directly to the recipient. That is what I call service!

It would make me so happy if you could take the time to take a look around my new storefront on Contrado. And please let me know what you think in the comments below. To find out more, and view available products, please go to my website and click the tab ‘Shop Contrado’.

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