My Personal Review Of 2019

personal review of 2019
Elvis Camouflaged

My personal review of 2019 ignores wider world and political issues. It is just my key points from my art and life.

My Personal Review of 2019

My art

Best Selling Image

personal review of 2019
Exotic Oriental Hookah Pipe

I have had 57 on-line print sales this year. My best selling image of the year is … drum roll … wait for it … a hookah pipe! With 14 print sales this year, this popular image continues to be viewed regularly. I have also sold two other hookah pipe images, one of which has sold four times.

Speculation with my artist chums suggests there is a rise in hookah bars and cafes and thy would be good customers for this work. Watch this space – a new hookah pipe image is at early creation stage!

My Favourite Sale

personal review of 2019
Quan Yin with frame selected by customer

My favorite sale of the year was of one of my older images but what made this special was the choice of frame. A great choice by the buyer.

The work suggests energy emanating from Quan Yin. Quan Yin is an East Asian deity venerated as a Bodhisattva of compassion in Buddhism. Regular readers will know I am a Buddhist. In East Asia Quan Yin (Guanyin) is associated with vegetarianism owing to her symbolizing compassion. I don’t know if this was bought as a gift or for the buyer’s wall, but what a stunning piece it makes.

Best Selling Greeting Card

personal review of 2019
Ghostly Primulas

My best selling greeting card of the year at my Signed Cards Store (posted to addresses in the USA only) is a sympathy card. 12 sales of this particular card.

Following close behind with ten sales is a Christmas Card featuring Stevie Mouse and Emmy. It has been a good year for greeting card sales, 162 in total. That doesn’t include sales of greeting cards from other sites.

Our Cats

Niblet and Monk

We welcomed Niblet and Monk to our little troop of moggies this year. Unfortunately though we have had some losses.


personal review of 2019
Elvis Camouflaged

The first loss of the year was Elvis who recovered from being hit by a car only to go missing six weeks later. This was during hunting season but it may be a residual from his accident that we didn’t know about. He was two years old.


personal review of 2019
Old Blue Eyes – Tweedledum

A few months after Elvis, Tweedledum also disappeared. I saw him and stroked him as he lay with his sister in the sunshine and then at feeding time half an hour later he was missing. No hunting season and a complete mystery as to what happened to him. He was also two years old.


personal review 2019
Yes Can I Help You – Tweedledee

Unfortunately Tweedledee disappeared at the end of October. She was in perfect health but it was a day with a lot of hunting dogs. We don’t know if it was the dogs or maybe the wolves that have been reported in the area. There is a sad comfort in a body, as at least you know what happened to the cat! Tweedledee featured regularly in my cat stories including Three Lost Kittens.

Currently we have another one missing (Winky) and we have everything crossed he will come home. I guess it is one of the perils of living half way up a mountain in countryside.


I can’t say enough to praise the Italian Health Service of which I have had considerable experience this year. I got a wonderful new family doctor in January and he has been an incredible support. He got me into a specialist rheumatology center in Siena and I spent a week there in early November. Nice to have the names for all the things wrong with me (and there are a few including Fibromyalgia and pretty bad arthritis). But my lovely doctor is working with me to follow natural treatments that are making a huge difference. Maybe the subject of a blog one day!

Hardest And Most Enlightening Experience Of The Year

I can’t write a personal review of 2019 without mentioning a profound experience I had. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and the most enlightening at the same time.

I was privileged to stay with and to help provide care for one of my dearest friends during the last few days of her life. I was able to provide support for the family and I was so grateful to be able to help, as my friend did so much for me when I went through hard times. My rock through the separation from my first husband, she called or visited (with cake) every day during the early bad days. She made sure I was okay when I was sick. Always supportive of my artwork, she bought several items. She came to me for healing treatments (Reiki, crystal and color therapy) over the years as she underwent radiotherapy and various surgeries.

Once again, the Italian Health Service came up trumps and provided care and support that enabled my friend to die in her own bed at home which was her dearest wish. She was serene and accepting of her situation and actually provided comfort to everyone else while she was able, me included. She had a peaceful death.

I miss her. But I don’t remember her with sadness. I remember that wonderful warm, all embracing smile that was there to the end and her positive approach even during the worst of times. Something to take forward into 2020 and beyond.

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I am having fun living half way up a mountain in Central Italy with my husband Barnet Boy, Stevie Mouse and the rest of my fur family. I am enjoying creating art that people will love having on their walls. I also love storytelling through my blog and short stories.

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