National Cat Herder’s Day

national cat herder's day
Who Needs Flowers?

December 15th is National Cat Herder’s Day. As someone whose Twitter profile says “Herder of Cats (No Really!)” this national day caught my eye.

national cat herder's day
Purrfectly Lined UP

History of National Cat Herder’s Day

Though it might not sound like it, this holiday doesn’t really refer to cats (boo!). It is for anyone who has a job or is in a set of circumstances where they have to manage lots of people. Coping with chaos at the same time.

In the 1980s, National Cat Herder’s Day was created. In the late 1990s, managing people became equated with the phrase ‘herding cats’. When I was the MD of a research organisation, if we had a large team of researchers working towards a final report for a client we would say it was like herding cats. Of course, the point being that cats go in all sorts of different directions and are unlikely to do what you ask of them. We always met our deadlines but boy was it hard work at times.

Cat Herders At Super Bowl

Most recently, many people will remember the Super Bowl commercial featuring cowboys actually herding cats. If you have never seen it, here it is, you are in for a treat.

I Really Do Herd Cats

national cat herder's day
Who Needs Flowers?

As regular readers of my blog will know, we have 16 cats. These include the famous Ms Stevie Mouse, Malteser our asthmatic cat, Scruff who has no voice and many more of all sizes and colors. They help with the gardening, they help walk the dogs. Basically anywhere you are they want to be involved. But at dinner time I have the upper hand. Armed with a can of cat food and a fork I go out and the cats follow me to the cat garden where I feed them. And they actually do exactly what I want them to do and I feel I deserve a National Cat Herder’s Day. For five minutes anyway.

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