National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day
Two Hot Chocolates Please

Well today is National Iced Tea Day – those who follow my blogs will know that I am not keen on all of these weird and wonderful national days. However, it just so happens I have a story to tell about iced tea – perfect for National Iced Tea Day!

National Iced Tea Day
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Research Into Ageing And Dependent Care Policies

About 35 years ago or so I was in the United States of America doing some research on the effects of the ageing population and the need for dependent care policies in the workplace. That is to say, as well as having support for people with babies and young children (workplace nurseries, childcare vouchers etc) my logic was that the ageing population meant that more and more people would be caring for elderly relatives and that workplaces should provide support for them as well.

Leading Edge Publications At The Time

This was leading edge stuff at the time and I produced several relevant publications following the visit (and visits to Italy, Sweden and a great deal of work in the UK of course) including:

  • Berry-Lound D J, Women Returners – Options for Employers, Management Research News, Vol 12, Issue 3, 1989
  • Berry-Lound D J, Work and the Family – Carer Friendly Employment Practices, HOST Training and Consultancy Services, 1990
  • Berry-Lound D J, Retirement Plus, The ReAction Trust, 1992
  • Berry-Lound D J, A Carers Guide to Eldercare, The HOST Consultancy, 1993
  • Berry-Lound D J, An Employers Guide to Eldercare, The HOST Consultancy, 1993
  • Berry-Lound D J, Help the Aged Seniorcare – a selected European review, Help the Aged 1994

Presentations to European Bodies

I really enjoyed this whole period of work and I gave presentations of my research findings to several European bodies and conferences which gave me a great chance to travel and meet people – and an enormous reindeer that graced the hotel I stayed at in Bonn, Germany I seem to remember (it was Christmas and I spent a great deal of time when I should have been working at the Christmas Market and drinking hot chocolate!). Anyway as usual I digress, back to National Iced Tea Day.

National Iced Tea Day
Two Hot Chocolates Please

Presentation At The Senate Building

When I was visiting Washington DC I was invited to make a contribution to a gathering of interested parties that was held at the Senate Building. Upon arrival I was offered an iced tea. I had never had iced tea before and was offered it with or without sugar. So, not usually taking sugar in my tea, I opted for without. It was absolutely dire and I nearly spat out the first mouthful.

The hostess came over and asked me if I liked the iced tea and I just gave a nauseous grin (I am sure she thought I was nuts – hey, right first time!). First chance I had I leaned to one side and tipped the iced tea into a plant. It was only halfway through the presentation that I realised it was a plastic plant and that the iced tea was leaking out of the bottom of the plant tub. Exit stage left rapidly without looking back.

Since then I have never been able to develop a liking for the stuff! Give me coffee or maybe a hot chocolate any day!

This blog was originally published in 2016 and updated June 2023.

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  1. I am so sorry you and Iced Tea got off on the wrong foot. Iced Tea is a staple in the south. However, I never drink mine unsweetened. 🙂 I am very proud of you for standing up for the elderly.

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